The Spaghetti King!

First thing's first--

This story isn't completely about spaghetti. I mean, I wish it was, but it isn't. Anyways, I'll tell you the beautiful story about the spaghetti gang, and how they took over this wiki (very slowly, very, very slowly).

So here I begin!

Random Stories

It was the summer of 2015. I, Dragonheart, was a bored youngster that had so much time on their hands. So I had decided to write stories! First, of an Animal Jam species called trolleopards? Trollpards? I don't remember. Anyways, during that summer, I had begun to watch this really weird show called 'Hetalia' (which I don't watch anymore and I don't recommend you watch it if you haven't) and got some ideas. So I combined a character from that TV show and an Animal Jam animal to create the beloved character known by the people who have been here from the summer of 2015. So Awesome isn't a fully original character. Sue me. I was bored, and that was all I could think of.

The First Awesome Story

I had also created another character to be in the story: Commander, Awesome's younger brother (who I don't write about anymore ;-; rip commander) and the most serious one. So it went a little like this:

"Mr Awesome Coolruler had a black and red lava glove.

He said he was awesome and stuff, and showed off his lava glove.

But his brother, Commander Bravepaw, got angry and told him, "YOU ARE NOT AS AWESOME AS YOU THINK!!"

Awesome got angry as well and yelled, "WELL YOU DON'T HAVE A LAVA GLOVE SO YOU'RE NOT AS AWESOME AS ME!!"

The brothers kept on fighting until Commander finally said, "Fine,Awesome. Since you have a cool lava glove you are awesome. But...not as awesome as THIS!!"

He pulled out a black and blue lava glove with AMAZING POWERS!

Awesome just smirked and out of nowhere, pulled out an EVEN AWESOMER RED LAVA GLOVE!!

The two brothers started to fight, and Awesome used his awesome lava powers against Commander's epicly magical magic powers!

A crowd of jammers started to chant "AWESOMEE!!" and "COMMAANDEER!!"

After like, half an hour of fighting, Commander was beaten by his SUPER AWESOME BROTHER, AWESOME!


So that earned me 15 comments in a little over a day, and a new best internet friend (i will always remember you, techie). Seeing that my characters gained a bit of popularity, I wrote some more stories....

and some more...

and some more....

and became friends with literally (almost) everyone on the wiki. (okay maybe not everyone but y'know)

The Story Continues...

One day, Moonbear/heart/i can't remember ;-;, hosted a writing contest. I instantly thought, "hmm. that must be fun. i'll make my characters suffer and introduce more characters and more drama and some more shIPSS!11!!11!!!"

three words:




technically that's two words but to add emphasis i made it 'three'.

aNYWAY, my story turned out to be about a minor threat, 'the glitches', trying to kill Awesome by sending Tomato to do it (since it would emotionally traumatize him. good job, 2015 me) and then killing Tomato when he did the job by letting him go after he killed Awesome and having him realize that he was possessed by some glitch things and he killed his best friend and he can't live with the pain get it.

So instead of killing Awesome, they accidentally teleported him to the Phantom Territory and he was thrown in the dungeon. Long story short, a friendly ghost helped him, he freed his friends, looked around the castle, found Tomato's long lost brother King Sketti, and freed everyone stuck in the dungeon, destroyed the castle, and saved everyone. Woo-hoo!

After I wrote the story...


60 freaking comments on my story, followed with like, 3 pieces of fan-art, ships, and drama.

choo-choo, here it comes!

I took it too far...

So I took my characters a little too far and started a website (i think??)

pretty horrendous if you actually think about it. no, i will not link.

So I made art of them and more stories, and introduced even mORE characters!

and in the eeennnnnnnndddddd (i do it all agaiiiinnnnn)

I decided my characters? Like make them better?

So pretend 3 years went by, and they didn't see each other ever again, and you got worried and were about to lose it, aND THEY COME BACK!!!



annnd, ladies and gentlemen (and non-binary kids), they're back!

I made them better.

they're better.

trust me.

now bow down to the spaghetti king,

the one and only



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