"Sparkletail, wake up!" "Wintermint, it's 2:00 in the morning." "It's 3:00 in the morning". "Still, why did you wake me up?" "Everybody looked at the dragon eggs and realized that only one was missing, we chose you to find it." "Argh, fine, I'll get dressed and go." Sparkletail got to her closet and found some clothes. She got on her favorite headdress and was looking in her mirror. "Hmm..... aha! I just need my forest bow if there are any big animals. "Are you sure you wanna wear those clothes? It'll look better with this." "A raccoon tail?" "Yeah, it's made of real raccoon skin." "Ugh, fine" Sparkletail grabbed the raccoon tail out of Wintermint's paws and stuck it on her tail. "That looks pawsome but I need camoflauge boots." "Here" When Sparkletail put the boots on, she screamed in happiness! "Perfect, thanks Wintermint!" "You're welcome." When Sparkletail went outside, her dragon, Opal looked sad. "You ok?" "Yeah, I'm just weird feeling." "Oh really?" "Ya." "What about?" "The phantom king needed a bride and, it's you." "What the tail? No way am I ever going to be a dusty, dirty phantom's bride, eww!" Sparkletail was so disgusted. She went inside faster as you can say pancake. When Sparkletail got to the kitchen table, Moonlight was waiting for his special breakfast, blueberry pancakes with mystical syrup." "So, you're making breakfast today." "Ugh, what a tough morning." Sparkletail made Moonlight's yummy pancake breakfast. "Oooh, yum! These pancakes are yummy!" "Good because I put chloroform in it." "C-c- chloroform!" Moonlight fell down. "That's good because Moonlight is my enemy." Then, Sparkletail got outside in the forest to find the lost dragon egg. Finally! The dragon egg was stuck in a patch of grass. "Aha! I totally found it!" She ran back to the treehouse and started shouting around! "Everybody except Moonlight, I found it! The dragon egg!" "Whoo!" "Good job Sparkletail!" "I'm so proud of you!" "Thank you! Thank you!" (Guys, I know this story is kinda confusing, so I'll tell you what's happening) 1: The phantom king needs a bride because he's lonely. 2: Sparkletail had to find the dragon egg because something special happens. *BACK TO YOUR REGULAR SCHEDULED PROGRAM* "How did you find it?" "It was stuck in a patch of grass." "You know, we should really stick the egg in the last hole and see what happens." "Good idea Wintermint." Back at the throne room, all of the arctic wolves stuck the last dragon egg in the little hole. Then, everything was shining. Golden stars came out of the dragon eggs. It was the most amazing sight Sparkletail had ever seen! Then, a wonderful thing happened. The treehouse turned into a princess castle!!!! "Oh my! This is way better then that treehouse!" "Hey! Out of my den!" "Huh?" An arctic wolf with ice armor got out of her den and looked at all the arctic wolves. "Oh sorry." "Apology accepted." "How is this your den? It was our treehouse but now it's a princess castle." "Well, the treehouse was my den, I was just switching dens." "So, this was your den the whole time"? "Yep." "Can we stay for the night?" "Um, ok." "Yay!" Sparkletail, Wintermint, Rainbowtart and Berrychoc was so excited! They ate dinner, watched a movie, played and slept. "Yawn". "Yawn". "Yawn." "Yawn." The arctic wolf was standing in front. "Thanks for staying you guys!" "No problem." Everybody got out of the den and landed in Appondale. "Should we get a pet?" "Sure." Everybody went to Paws n Claws and got pets. "Hey guys, I have a music video in my phone, it's called Jam Session." "I'm not the music fan but.... sure". The music was playing super loud. Then, Moonlight came running up with a huge cut on his head. "How could you Sparkletail? We should be together, not fight!" "Sorry, we are now together." "Also, that music sounds pawsome." "Thanks."

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