Warning: Might contain cuss words! "Sparkletail! Tell us another story!" A little arctic wolf pup said. "Sorry little ones, you gotta go to sleep." "Sparkletail's right, go to bed." "Fine daddy." They finally went to sleep. In the morning, "yawn, good morning kids." "Morning!" At a cave, a fox that was all black with "X" eyes in dragon set was going to capture Moonlight. "Grrr, Darksky! Pass me the evil tea!" "Yes sir." "This isn't a restaurant! And don't call me sir! You act like a total hellfire!" "I'm sorry, anyway here's the tea you wanted." The evil fox threw the cup at Darksky. "Ow, hot, hot!" "You deserve that!" "I need a shower!" "Now that he's gone, I'm going to make a plan to kill Moonlight and rip his spine out and eat his eyes!" Back at home, "mom, my favorite breakfast!" Sparkletail was very happy, but she didn't know that Moonlight will be killed. Back at the cave, the fox was finding weapons. "Not this, no, aha!" The fox ran to Sparkletail's house disguised as a visitor. Knock knock! "Hold on kids, there's somebody at the door." Sparkletail went to the door. "Hi, I'm just a visitor, can I come in? "Yes." The fox got out of his disguise. He found Moonlight and put him in a bag. "Just taking out the trash!" "Ok, how nice!" "I got him!" He tied Moonlight up and put some tape on his mouth. "Mmmm." "You will never get free." Back at the cave, "Darksky! I got him!" "Darksky?" "Oh well, Darksky really pisses me off." "I'll come back and skin you after I get Darksky." Moonlight set free! He knocked on Sparkletail's door. She answered. "We have been looking for you everywhere! Anyway, dinner is ready, we have stew and salad." "Yum!" They ate all of the food.

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