~ I couldn't do it without you, that's true. Earn the gold, for the brave and the bold, don't rage, don't hit, we don't like that one little bit. Be good!~

In the gardens, Moonlight was having an argument with the famous French painter and designer, Madame Mazelle. She had a headdress with mech angel wings and winged shoes and an elf tail armor. " No! Zou zall zear zhis!" "No! Like I said, it's too, uh, outlandish!" "Zays zhe leader of zhe battlefield!" "I'm leaving!" " Zine!" Back at home, the arctic wolf pups were playing happily, Jupiter was playing with his toy spaceship, Mocha was eating ice cream, Amelie was drinking a load of grape juice. Moonlight got home and saw Amelie. "Don't drink that Amelie, it's for the spirits, it's bedtime anyway." "I don't care." " I care Amelie, you have to get some sleep." "Why is stuff all about sleep"? At a sewer, Sparkletail was finding a way out. There was a door. "Hmm, must be a way out." When she opened the door, there was Jamaa. But, there was an arctic fox and a lamaa arguing. "What's going on here?" They kept on arguing! Sparkletail walked away slowly.

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