This is a Creepypasta by Kittygirlsrule. Yes this is crappy but it might be good, idk. Enjoy!

Side note: This creepypasta has censored swearing, if you are under 13, please do not read this.

Chapter 1: Fauna's Spike Greed

Meet Fauna Frozenivy, the arctic wolf who has scammed 4 spikes. Pink short collar, blue short collar, pink short wrist, orange long wrist. All from poor bunny, Blossom Spiritpaw. That fateful day, Blossom stared at her screen, seeing that Fauna accepted 4 spikes for a necklace. The You Got necklace screen suprised Blossom, she logged off and sighed, she only had, a black long.....

Chapter 2: The Mission of the Scam

Fauna searched up Blossom's username, to see she was online..... and had Fauna's dream item, a black long. She scammed 4 spikes from her, how hard could it be? Deathly hard. And I mean DEATHly. But Fauna did not know, it would be a problem. She jagged Blossom saying, my den. To be a surprise, she could type free chat, no filter. She typed, AND NOW YOU B****.

Chapter 3: Suspended for -36 days?

Fauna sent it, and automaticly got suspended. It said, This account is suspended for -36 days. Fauna started swearing, then tried logging on. It worked, Her username was changed from Jammer2q4q38 to B****please. She did not care, and jagged Blossom again. Blossom came to her den and questioned the username, Fauna said, Who cares about my f***ing name, just trust me your spike. Blossom did not agree. Then Fauna got her password from her coding software, and took her spike.

Chapter 4: Death by Fauna.... Death to Blossom, and Fauna?

Fauna felt a rumble in her throat, she grew blue hair on her skin IRL , she payed no attention. she also grew a snout, she had no clue she was turing into her greedy AJ counterpart. as Blossom logged back on, she realized her spike was gone. Then Fauna could control the internet, she was almost full fleged arctic wolf. She was an internet character now. She took the spiked collar from her account, into her new paws. She threw it through her computer into Blossom's player card, into poor Blossom's IRL throat. A few hours later, Blossom's mom went into her office, to see blood all over the floor, spike in her daughter's throat. Then the computer zapped, almost pulled Fauna in, but she did not make it.......

Chapter 5: I Am Fauna

You might be wondering who wrote this, The Ghost of Fauna Frozenivy.

Refrences and more

Jammer2q4q38 was the suspend test account by AJHQ.

-36 is a Super Mario Bros. refrence, it is the Minus World.



p.s: never trust a spiek colar x3

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