Chapter One: The Beginning

In a most peculiar land, there lived four children, all with royal blood. However, in the land of Write, they were chosen as the protectors of Write, and their names were Shystar, Dragonheart, Kawaii, and Tech. As the land's Guardians, they were in charge of keeping the the villagers safe and peaceful. The villagers never were, to be clear, and neither were the Guardians. They were all in some sort of argument, wether it be if they should send hunters by pairs or larger groups, or how the rations in their community would be like. This was no surprise, however, as six kingdoms were clearly once enemies. So how would the children get along? 

-This was originally done by Wolf86585, who deleted it and said I could write it. All credits go to her. Publishing now so you all know that I'm working on it-

Chapter Two: The First Assignment

During their first meeting, none of them knew how they should speak together. "So...." Shystar began, a bit puzzled. Dragonheart chuckled. "Remember how my family beat YOUR family during the war?" Shystar began to grow angry. "It was because YOUR family STOLE a stupid cannon from Kawaii's family, because you knew they were easy targets." "Easy?!" Kawaii cringed. "We're not easy, dimwit!" In an attempt to stop the argument, Tech slammed her fists against the tables. "Guys, we're supposed to be a team, not people who have verbal wars each day!" Suddenly Dragonheart reached across the table. "Verbal?! I'll give you VERBAL!" Then, the door slammed open. It was Madam Wolf, the one who trained the young apprentices. She snapped her fingers. "Apologize. All of you." She growled. The youngsters were about to complain, but instead a Sorry escaped from their tongues. "Now back to work. All of you. Your first assignment is tomorrow." They slumped out of their chairs, and ignored each other on the way to the training base camp. "We'll start," began Wolf. "With a quick exercise. Get on those hoverboard and give me ten laps."

"Could've been' worse," Tech tried to look on the bright side of things.

Night arrived, and, as usual, the young apprentices went to sleep. The morning Sun rose, and Dragonheart pounced on everyone's bed. "I wonder where the other two apprentices are," Tech wondered. "Best not to worry about it," Dragonheart mumbled. "Probably dead, or missing." After Dragonheart's disturbance, Tech's cat, Ivan, hissed angrily, and lurked around the bed for another place to curl up. The door cracked open, and in walked Madam Wolf. "Students," she began. "As you know, today is your very first assignment. Hopefully you have learned some spells." She glared at Dragonheart, who stared at the floor. She had only learned a few spells. "Meet me at the base camp, and I will describe your assignment." She ordered, and disappeared. Everyone used teleportation spells, except for Dragonheart, who lagged behind.

Chapter 3: The Start of an Adventure

"Well then," Miss Wolf wavered her fingers around. "Bring me a potion." She said. "That is your assignment." Everyone looked at each other. Kawaii cringed again. "That's it? Some assignment." Madam Wolf grinned, her big Cheshire grin. "Oh no," she said. "That is not all."

"I have a map, for my best student to hold. And, I have marked where the potion is. Teleport back here, if something goes wrong. But, you must bring the potion. No excuses."

She handed the map to Tech. She stared at it for a while, noting how old it looked. The other students gathered around her. "Well," Tech began. "Where are the instructions?"

"In your hand." Replied Madam Wolf. "Now be off with you!"

She disappeared. Shystar looked around in amazement. "Well, let me see the map," Tech raised her eyebrows. "Umm..... have you been listening?" 

Afterwards, they all started following the map. "Wait!" Cried Tech, examining the location. "We're in the same place as we started."

"Seems like we've been here forever." Moaned Shystar. "This'll be nice to keep track of in my journal. Hmm.... My 'friends' and I have been at this forever, and-"

"Dude, shut up. I got this. Give me the map!" Dragonheart ordered, stamping her feet on the ground. With brief exhaustion, Tech gave in. Dragonheart traced her finger around the crinkled paper. "See that? It's water. Water tends to flow downhill, so we need to stop spinning in circles and start going downhill." 

"How do you know this stuff?" Tech asked.

"I just do," replied Dragonheart. "Now let's go."

Chapter Four: Hunger

Eventually, they found the stream of water. "I'm starving." Kawaii whispered, in a shy tone. The stream flowed with fish. "I'm not going for that," muttered Shystar. 

Dragonheart examined the fish closely. "Those are Firefish!" She gasped. "I wouldn't eat those, if I were you." 

"Why not?" Asked Tech, fascinated. 

Kawaii' s eyes glistened. "My mother always told me about Firefish. One bite will burn your mouth. Another, will, kill you." She looked sadly at her locket, opening it once, then closing it tightly. "Is there any magic we can use to get the fire OUT of the fish?" Tech asked Dragonheart.

"Don't ask me. I don't know a single thing about magic, just a few spells." She snapped.

"I'm sure we can find something else to eat," Shystar said, hopefully.

They moved on, searching for something to eat. High up, in a tall tree, was a Shadowbird nest filled with black eggs. Shadowbirds are birds that move like phantoms, quick and stealthy. Their eggs are very edible, though rare to find. Kawaii found herself drooling. "How about those?"

Dragonheart cringed. "Too high," she muttered, trying to move on. Tech pulled the back of her cloak. "It's not that bad. We just need a levitation spell." She grinned helplessly. 

Shystar flipped through her journal. "Nope, I didn't manage to take notes on the levitation spell. Mostly I just have shapeshifting, water, elements, that kind of stuff. But we can't use elements to get that nest down, or they'll break." 

Kawaii snapped her fingers. "Shapeshifting? We can shapeshifting into monkeys."

Everyone stared at her. "Monkeys?"

"Yes. Monkeys."

"Well, might as well try." Said Tech. "What do we need?"

Shystar looked at her journal. "We just need to snap our fingers three times, and say, 'Monkey, Monkey, Monkey.'" 

As they began to shapeshift into these creatures, they climbed the tree, and grabbed the eggs, later saying, "Human, human, human."

Chapter Five: The Lanther's Bottle

After a not so tasty Shadowbird meal, they continued to follow the map. "If I'm correct, the potion should be in that cave." Dragonheart pointed to a cave in the distance. As they walked, their feet, not used to walking so much, ached. "Are we there yet?" Moaned Kawaii, her head drooping down.

"We're getting closer," said Tech, trying to sustain the pain. At the mouth of the cave, Shystar pointed to a huge creature, with long claws. It was asleep. "It's a Lanther," she whispered. The half lion, half panther, growled in its sleep, with a dazzling glowing bottle in its paw. "The Lanther's Bottle," murmured Dragonheart. "I thought it was just a myth."

The Lanther was very intimidating, and slowly, Kawaii began to creep up upon it. "Are you crazy?!" Shystar whispered. "That'll kill you?" 

"You don't know until you try," said Kawaii, cringing all of a sudden. "I just realized," she said. "It smells like burnt poop in here,"

"You realized that?" Dragonheart said, already plugging her nose. "Just now?"

The group found themselves all cringing. It did smell like, how do I say this, burnt excrement. "Maybe it's the Lanther," Tech muttered, sticking her nose in her cloak. "But if you gotta go, you gotta go."

Carefully, Tech placed one hand on the bottle, and handed it to Shystar, who then placed it in her satchel. One yellow eye opened from the Lanther. "Sleep magic, anyone?!" Dragonheart cried out. "Shush!" Snapped Shystar, clamping her mouth. The beast had already awoken. Sprinting, they all teleported back to camp. Dragonheart grabbed Kawaii's sleeve just in time, and they arrived to an empty meeting room. "Where is the witch?" Kawaii looked around. Wolf's trademark, "Slam the door open" came back again. "Excellent job," she said, as she snatched the bottle. "You have completed your first task."

Chapter Six: Frienemies

"We did it," said Dragonheart, surprised. 

"Together," Tech said cheerfully, placing her hand in the middle of the table. 

Everyone looked at her, but one by one, their hands were laid upon one another.

"Well, I guess we should study some more spells," advised Shystar. They fetched their spellbooks, all but Kawaii. She stared at the chain around her neck. "I know water and earth," she paused, twirling the chain around her finger. "Could be useful," Dragonheart grinned. Tech stroked Ivan, yet continued to read.

"What's up?" Shystar asked.

"Just reading," Tech confidently replied, flipping her page. "I finally learned the sleep spell, but it only works on smaller beasts. It says that dragons and witches can't fall asleep on this spell."

"Dragons?" Kawaii gasped, leaning forward. 

"Yes," Tech still looked at her tattered book. "There are many types of dragons, ice dragons, swamp dragons, earth dragons." 

"I have an idea." Said Shystar. "Let's go find a Dragon!"

"Are you crazy?!" Gasped Dragonheart. "That'll take forever! And we're still apprentices!"

"She's right," nodded Tech. "We'll need lots of experience and magic."

Night came, and that meant the next assignment was next week.

"What'd you wanna do this week?" Dragonheart asked. "I mean, we could be considered as friends so-"

"Partners." Shystar corrected. "Just partners."

"Now that I think about it, it would be fun to go searching for a Dragon," added Tech. "And find a cave full of Gold, and learn more magic."

"Magic, Smagic," Dragonheart moaned. "You know I'm a little crappy in magic. Big deal to me."

"I'm hungry," whispered Kawaii.

"You're always hungry!" Shystar yelled, slamming the table. 

"Guys, calm down." Tech paused. "We can find something fun to do. The next assignment is just next week. You know we have to practice." Ivan purred in her lap. 

 Chapter Seven: The Mishapped Spell

"Anyone wanna dual? I got a few spells down. And nobody beats me." Dragonheart smirked, throwing a plasma ball and catching it. 

"You're on," said Shystar, getting into battle position. 

As they walked outside, the two stared at each other, plasma in Dragonheart's hand, and fire in Shystar' s hand. The others watched from the grass benches. 

Guys should I continue dis cause like.... idk but I need some ideas for wat happens next

After much throwing, Kawaii yawned. "Nothing is happening."

Dragonheart dodged a fireball. She threw her sad little thing of plasma. And the fight continued, until Madam Wolf came in. "Duals are not allowed." She snapped, flicking a hair behind her ear. 

"We were just having fun," protested Dragonheart.

"Yea, and nobody got hurt." Shystar continued.

"Someone could have been hurt through," Tech broke in. "We're sorry. We shouldn't have done that, ma'am."

Madam Wolf nodded her head. "It is time for chemistry class, with Mr. Lizardon."

And with that, the teleportation spells made them disappear.

Kawaii turned around. "This isn't our class..." She murmured, looking around. 

"What is this place?" Tech stood up. Surrounding them was land with odd flowers, odd structures, and odd animals. 

"Maybe the spells malfunctioned," Dragonheart observed. A white deer with leathery wings flew by. 

"Guys, I hate to admit this, but I'm scared." Shystar made a wry face. "What if we can't get back?"

"We can just teleport back," said Kawaii, staring at a plant with roots helping it move around.

"We're out of magic!" Tech gasped. "We dropped our wands at the meeting area so we wouldn't cheat during chemistry."

Chapter Eight: A Way Out?

They stared at each other blankly. "We're gonna be late!" Gasped Dragonheart.

"Being late isn't the problem," continued Shystar. "It's getting back that is."

"We can try looking around," suggested Tech. 

"Worth a try," Dragonheart moaned. "I'll check my bag for food."

"W-Wait, you had FOOD?!" Kawaii screamed, going through Dragonheart's bag. Inside was a single dried fig. "What?" She said as the others looked at her. "They're good for you."

"So?" Protested Shystar. "You only have one stupid fig!"

"Oh well," Dragonheart rolled her eyes, popping the fig in her mouth. She made a wry face and swallowed hard.

"Whatever," said Tech. "We need to find someone to help us get out of here. But we can't spilt up. Shystar, do you have any supplies?"

Shystar reached into her bag. "Flashlight, rope, notebook, and pen." 

"Then let's go," said Kawaii.

The land was most peculiar, with different structures. "Look," said Tech, pointing to a large figure. "What's that?"

Chapter Nine: Another Adventure

"It's a tree, dumbo." Dragonheart barred her teeth. And it was a tree, but not any ordinary tree. It was large, extremely large, with one object that looked like a door. "Let's go!" Shystar said excitedly, racing towards the tree. Following her, they knocked on the figure. To their surprise, a whole in the bark had a leaf covering it, and the flap was lifted to reveal an eye. "Ahh!" They all jumped back. "Who's there?" Said the eye.

"Umm..." Tech shuddered. "We're the guardians of Write. And we need help."

"Write you say? And who is Write?"

"Not a Who, a place. We live there."

"And what do you want? Who do you need?"

"Someone who has magic. We need to get back home."

The door finally opened, to reveal a little dwarf owl. Dragonheart snickered. "Who are you laughing at?" The owl seemed confused.

"Nah, nothing," muttered Dragonheart, trying not to laugh.

"Come in, then," the owl beckoned. "Don't touch anything."

The owl' s house was beautifully furnished, with handmade furniture. The chairs were smaller, but the house seemed very big-like a doll mansion. Not of them had to crouch down.

"Come, sit, have some tea." Said the owl, grabbing a teapot with his wing. "It's mint."

"It's fine," said Shystar. "We just need some help. And fast."

The owl poured more tea. "You will get help after you answer my favor. I have an important task for you."

Kawaii sighed. "Another? We just need to get back to camp!"

Tech stared at her feet. "What do you need?"

The owl carefully sipped his cup. "You must take down a beast for me. It has been terrorizing my village."

"Village?" Dragonheart gasped. "You mean there are other people? Forget it, I'm asking somebody else."

Tech grabbed her sweater. "Not so fast."

"I'm the only one here who contains magic." The owl resumed. "Far east is a monstrous Dragon, and you must kill him. He lives in a worn down castle."

Dragonheart grinned. "Dragons, yes."

The owl equipped them with weapons and wands of the sort, asking them to bring the tools back. He provided them also with buttered bread, fruit, and meat. "You can find fresh water," he said, grabbing a Gork Apple and stuffing it in their bags. "Make sure you bring back my wands, though."

"We will," Tech promised, slinging her bag over her back.

The trip seemed long a tiring, nothing really to do. "How much longer?" Dragonheart moaned, panting.

"Not much," Shystar hunched her bag. "I'm so.....thirsty.."

"We need to find water," Kawaii panted.

"No duh," Dragonheart snarled, sticking out her tongue. Tech pointed to a place far in the distance. "There," she gasped.

"I think that's a lake."

After much struggle, they finally reached the water source. Kawaii scooped some in her palms. "This is different," she said. "Fresh, sweet. "Not like the water magic I use."

"It's nice," continued Kawaii. "I think it might be magic,"

"Nah," Dragonheart looked at the water cautiously. "Just pack some water with your magic storage."

The journey went on towards the huge castle, and night took over the day . "It's freezing," Shystar complained. 

"The blankets are thin, I have to admit," Tech's teeth chattered. They could hardly sleep, and their world seemed cold and miserable. Yet the sun came, and a smell came to their noses. "Oh, um.. good morning!" Said Tech cheerfully. She tied sticks with vines, and was cooking some of the meat. "I found some fresh veggies, and well, some of the sweet water I used to make a soup. So we get hydrated and full!"

"Wait, what?" Kawaii yawned.

"Great, I'm starving!" Dragonheart immediately started eating. It wasn't the best meal, but it would do. Slinging up their packs, the castle was just a few miles away. 

With great exhaustion, they arrived at the gates of the run down castle. "Finally!" Dragonheart said impatiently, knocking at the door.

"Ya think knocking is gonna get someone to answer?" Shystar looked in disbelief. 

"The gates always have a key or something," said Kawaii. The door was a brown bark color, brimmed with a fading Orange. It had a matching knob to knock with, and it shadowed upon the grass. "Maybe we're at the wrong castle," Tech glanced at another object in the distance. 

"Nah," Dragonheart stared at the door. 

"Well, I would imagine it would be farther out," Kawaii murmured.

Chapter Ten: The Girl and The Dragon

The door swung open, with nothing revealing exactly what opened it.

"This is it, alright." Kawaii shaped her mouth into an O.

There were many, as in MANY flights of stairs. At the bottom, there was a girl curled up next to a dragon. The girl had a long, leafy green gown, and golden hair.

"Is she crazy?!" Dragonheart hissed. They all approached her, carefully, spells ready in case. The girl looked at them, frightened, yet she remained silent and stroked the sleeping creature. "Who are you?" Shystar looked at her, confused.

The girl looked at them, her icy eyes staring right into their souls. "Don't come any closer. You will awaken my brother."

"Your brother?" Kawaii whispered. 

"He was cursed by a witch. I swore an oath to my mother that I would protect him."

"Well, umm.... interesting," Tech said, cautiously.

The girl looked at them, more relaxed. "My name is Foxstray."

A small skinny winged wolf crashed through the stone ceiling and landed on the dragon's tail as the rubble scattered. The dragon woke up roaring in fury, the guardians of Write backing up in fear. Yet the dragon's anger wasn't directed towards them, but towards the wolf that woke it up. The white winged wolf had a growl that seemed to say 'dazed&confused10', which started blackening as the DRAGON charged up a fireball.

Or at least it seemed like a fireball at the first glance. The dragon opened it's jaws, roaring again, and let loose a massive blast of burning hot cursed fire that burnt off all the wolf's fur and gave it 3rd degree burns. The dragon proceeded to angrily tear out the wolf 'dazed&confused10''s intestines out and devour the still burning wolf and go back to sleep as the guardians of Write shiverred in fear at what just happened.

"All is well," paused FoxStray. "It appears my brother was hungry."

"More like pissed," Dragonheart stared at the skin of the wolf, cringing.

"Watch your language," teased Shystar. "Or he might eat you up, too."

"Well, umm... back to our quest?" Tech shuddered.

"We have to defeat the dragon, I guess." Said Kawaii.

FoxStray's eyes flickered with hostility. "Not on my watch!" she shouted as large bits of the rubble started to glow green and rise into the air.

The dragon lay there, still asleep. "Umm..." paused Dragonheart. Foxstray stroked the dragon, still eyeing them carefully. 

"Well," Tech resumed. "How does he, know you...?"

"He doesn't," Foxstray faced the wall. "He doesn't remember me with his form. I tamed him, so I could protect him."

"Tamed??" Shystar's eyes glistened. "You can tame dragons?"

"Yes," Foxstray said solemnly.

"Teach us!" Shystar begged, jumping up and down. "Please!"

Foxstray stood up, and stared at their begging faces for a while. With an assuring look, she slowly walked towards the door. The Guardians slowly went out themselves, following.

The mountain was always just the same, stone, with pebbles collapsing on the edge. Foxstray gracefully fled down the stone.

Tripping, Dragonheart looked at her in disbelief. "Ugh," she got back up, brushing her leggings. Slowly, Foxstray began to bring them around the castle, by a large stone platform. It seemed as if her brother had just been there. "It's quite a trip," Foxstray leapt upon the dragon. "I suggest flying."

Hopping aboard, Foxstray lifted the reins and gently lowered them. The view was amazing- the dark sky soon bestowed a black sky, and revealed millions of glittering stars. Then the dragon seemed to breathe fire, and light was easily in their path. Soon all the guardians seemed to fall asleep, and before they knew it, light settled back into their eyes. The dragon was parked on a stone bridge, and in front was a large building titled, "School For Young Dragon Tamers".

"Whoa," they all said aloud. Foxstray lead them on to the door, and inside was a large, plump, woman.

"This is Miss Hockinberry," Foxstray added. Miss Hockinberry had her chin roll over and over like a wave, and her hands were plump and, despite her age, were not wrinkled. She pointed to a gate on the left. "I signed you up already," she croaked. "That's your first lesson."

Foxstray waved to them. "I'll be back, my brother is starving."

The instructor was a tall boy, with fluff on the top of his head. "It looks like a baby chicken grew from his head," she giggled. Tech nudged her. The boy brought another large dragon in, an angry creature, tied with chains on its feet. "Nikki?" The boy pointed to a girl standing along the line of other students. "Would you like to show everyone how it is done?" The girl nodded. She had one long braid of hair, and leather boots. She stood next to the dragon, and its long breathing. She then placed a hand in front of it. "They're like dogs," she turned to everyone else. "They have to smell you first." The dragon snorted and shook its massive head. Nikki then gently placed a hand on its face, and waited. "Trust," she paused. "They need trust." The dragon looked at her for a moment, and it began to relax. She stroked its face slowly, and it blinked at her carefully. 

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around the creature, stroking its neck. Still brushing it, she then moved towards its body, and hopped on the sadle. Moving the reins left and right, she began- "Let him loose."

The dragon soared through the air, and the guardians watched in awe. Nikki pulled the reins, and the dragon gracefully took to the ground.

As they landed on the ground, everyone was awed by how majestic the sight was. Nikki removed her leg straps, and adjusted the seat for another rider. "And that," she panted, "is how you properly ride a dragon. "Wow!" Dragonheart exclaimed, but soon the excitement removed itself from her. "We should introduce ourselves."

Nikki stuck out her gloved hand. "I'm Nikki."

"Um. I'm Tech, that's Kawaii, Dragonheart, and Shystar."

Nikki looked at them in amazement. "Those are- very...exotic. I can tell you're not from here."

"Not even close." Shystar said. "According to my calculations, we're about-"

Kawaii nudged her. "May I have a go?" Then Nikki took them to the dragon stalls. "Whichever one suits you," she instructed. "But I recommend this one for beginners." She pointed to a small, gentle Dragon. "But I want to tame one." Dragonheart said hopefully. Nikki pointed to a line of angry, heartless dragons. "Help yourself."

Dragonheart chose the angry Dragon, and pulled it outside. The others watched as she leapt upon its scaly back, and pulled its reins in excitement. The Dragon bucked angrily with smoke rising out of its nostrils, and its wings spread; off they both went bucking and jerking. "Help!" Dragonheart yelled, but later gave out a laugh. "I'm doing it!" She giggled constantly, enjoying the angry Dragon ride and soon pulled vigorously at the reins. The creature jerked back, kicking its back legs in struggle. Dragonheart stroked its ear and the animal took to the ground and rested. She leapt off the dragon, and with pure joy and happiness she screamed and frightened the baby dragons. "That,-pant- was, -gasp- The best thing EVER!"

Tech sighed and kept her eyes on a book. "I'm doing this manually," she flipped the page.  As she pulled on her training boots, she chose a black Dragon with large blue eyes. It snorted and looked at her carefully. Still holding the book, Tech grabbed her reins and hopped on. The creature leapt off the cliff, falling, then it's wings lifted it up like an eagle.

After the Dragon rides, it was time to head back home. They had completed both quests, and knew it-they had to be official guardians at this point. "Do we walk?" Kawaii asked, kicking a stone over the cliff.

"Nikki, do you have a Dragon we could use to ride back?"

Nikki nodded. "This one's my dud, so you can use him. He'll fly back when you're home."

A fat, green Dragon crouched his back so everyone could hop on. After a day and a night, the guardians sighed in relief at the site of home.

Back to camp.

Madam Wolf scowled at them. "You've been gone for so long! The village thought you were DEAD!"

"Yeah..." Shystar admitted patiently. "But we're ready for the final exam."

"Alright," Madam Wolf responded, this time calmly. "But are you truly ready?"

"Yup!" Dragonheart pulled on some headphones listening to 80's music.

And now it was time.

"You still have time to prepare, meaning you can prepare yourself for all the pain you will experience."

Tech stormed off to her dorm. Opening her closet, out came her pet hellhounds. They all jumped in joy, licking her hands violently. She laughed, letting their burning tongues cover her fingers black. It stung, but it tickled at the same time. Then she heard Madam Wolf's call.

The first one to go into the Chamber of Pain and Memories was Tech. The chamber was to release all of their memories on the roof, and they would sit and watch. It was supposed to hurt terribly. Tech Sat on the tree stump and watched as vines tied her down. Then the memories came. On the roof flashed her hellhounds, when she first found them. She watched as she saw her younger self nurturing them. But then one of them fell sick. Tears fell from her younger eyes.

While she was suffering, Dragonheart was in the other dorm. She turned on her music to calm down.

"Lips are sweet as candy...the taste is on my mind..."

She refused to look at the screen. She knew she would have to take the test again, but was busy jamming to her music. "This is Major Tom to Ground Control..."

Meanwhile, Kawaii Sat in the third dorm. She saw it- her parents being stabbed to death by a black figure. She screamed, plugging her ears, trying to escape. Remembering this made her sting from head to toe.

The last dorm, Shystar sat calmly. But then she saw a boy on the ceiling, and felt a burning sensation. She flinched in anger. No way she could remember him.

The group stepped out, not looking at each other. They all stared at their feet, waiting for the world to take them.

Just as she was about to ask what memories they had received, Kawaii felt as if she could breathe no longer. The air felt as if it was wiped out of her, and she collapsed to the ground.

"Oh my God!" Tech rushed over to Kawaii. She felt cold and turned pail, and her eyes still hung open.

Shystar grabbed a small bottle and waved it over Kawaii. Nothing had happened. Dragonheart was still listening to music, however, and did not notice until she heard Tech's piercing scream. Madam Wolf immediately rushed in. "Oh my-"

"Get her a cure or something!" Dragonheart stammered in disbelief, shuffling through her bag. "Kawaii!"

Madam Wolf grabbed another bottle and attempted to have her drink it. Her face remained cold and pale. "Kawaii..."

Shystar sighed. "I'm afraid we'll have to perform The Kiss of Life.."

Tech looked back at her in confusion. "I- I know a different way," she stammered, clutching a small bag. "Here..." she sprinkled a few spoonfuls of cinolquimon on Kawaii's face. "P-please work..."

Yet she remained there, silent as before. "I'll get the other teachers," Madam Wolf scrambled to her feet, rushing down the hall.

"CAN'T WE USE MAGIC OR SOMETHING??!" Dragonheart felt for a pulse.

"This is something magic can't cure..." Shy paused, falling to her knees. "I believe she has a rare case of Finkwicktosnis..."

"Fin what?" Dragonheart's eyes blurred.

"What I'm saying is-" Shystar removed Dragonheart's hand from the young guardian's face. "We can't save her. Her magic was too strong, They wanted to kill her for it."

"Who's they?" Tech wavered her fingers over Kawaii's eyes.


Dragonheart watched in tears as they carried Kawaii away. "I want to kill them..." she muttered. Shy looked in sadness, striding off to the woods. "I'll bet Fox and Nikki would know if they were here...they are outlanders after all."

Shystar caught a glimpse of something wearing a cape, a hood perhaps. The hooded figure was propped on a horse, and sat perfectly still. It must have been him. She ducked behind a tree and got closer, and closer. Then she felt around for her sword, slowly pulling it out. Walking towards it, Shy heard something beneath her feet crack. Great. Just great. The hooded figure yanked on the horse's reins, causing it to walk slowly towards Shy. Her feet were caught in a trap, a bear trap, and she could feel a sharp piece of metal carving through her feet. It took everything not to scream. Then she looked up in alarm as the hooded rider remove his hood. It was familiar. Too familiar.

Shy scrambled to take off the trap, struggling to pull it off. The boy sat on his horse in amusement.

"That's not exactly how you...take off a bear trap." He walked over to her, locking his eyes with hers. "Remember me?" he asked as he unlocked the trap.

"D-don't talk to me.." Shy struggled her foot out, examining the wound the trap left. She could recognize his face from anywhere. Truce.

Meanwhile, the guardians stood over a grave covered in white roses. Tech looked over at Dragonheart. "She would've liked you to sing..."

Dragonheart glared at her blankly. She continued to speak to her with her look. Leave us. Tech nodded and slowly walked away. Dragonheart pressed her hands on the grave. Nobody knows, where the bears and the lions are. The forest is still and hidden. Nobody knows, when one may come strike, nobody knows if they should wake up the night. Look at the sky, be still, do not cry. For you will be free, for you will fly. Hmm..hmm.. watch the dew glisten, wipe the tears from your eyes, if one may come to catch you, you'll never say good-bye.. At this point, Dragonheart felt herself choking on tears and saliva. "Good-bye."

Shy attempted to strike a spell at Truce, but he quickly blocked it in one, swift motion. Then he ran off.


Note: This next whole chapter is going to be introducing me as a guardian, and will change perspectives. Also, Kawaii, I'm sorry you died. ;c Lots of the main characters will die, just letting you know. It will be REALLY depressing.


I felt my heart thump hard against my chest. My eyes felt like they were glued shut. I am Moon, what... am I doing here? I remembered. I was sent here to be one of the Guardians... and then somebody tried to kill me. But whom?

ok i lied not the whole chapter


Dragonheart stormed off to her dorm, and locked the door. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PART IS VERY DEPRESSING! SOME WEIRD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN!)

She took out some magic pills, and turned on the water in her bathtub. She could hear the song Major Tom playing in her head, and slowly swallowed the pills, and looked down to stare at her bare feet. Carefully, she stepped into the tub, and felt herself sink. This is Major Tom to Ground Control, I'm stepping through the door... She allowed herself to breathe in the water, and felt her heart stop beating. And I'm floating in the most peculiar way... And just like that, she knew she was reunited with Kawaii.

Tech attempted in vain to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. "Dragonheart!" she screamed. The door finally came open, and there her friend was. "NO!!" But she knew that she was gone. Finally, they both disappeared. Except Dragonheart. After seeing a glimpse of Kawaii, she threw herself out of the water and gagged. "Tech?" she called. "Don't tell me you used the disappearance spell."


"What have I done..." Dragonheart continued. "I-I..."

Everyone I know, goes away, in the end..


Alright, so I'm going to introduce more violence and adventure within the story, as well as warfare. There will be more dragons involved. I apologize if you were a fan of Tech or Kawaii, but I promise that they'll come in at some parts. I just need more space for more characters. The next parts are going to be, well, not as kid-friendly.


I glanced around and saw my torn boots and scratched knees. My shirt was torn, and my fingers were painted in dried blood. My wand was gone, as well as my spellbook. As I attempted to stand up, my knees crumbled to the ground. I heard an explosion in the distance, and my ears started ringing. I glued my palms against the sides of my head as I watched a few trees tumble down. I had to get to the Guardians' dimension. When I struggled to run off and try to find the portal, a net came up beneath me and dragged me up to the trees. Too tired to scream, I searched my pockets for my knife. By a miracle, my knife was there. I sawed the rope with my knife, and I quickly fell through the open hole of the net. My legs were sore and caked in dirt and mud, but I ignored it as I ignored my blurry vision. There was something hard beneath me, and I brushed away the leaves to discover what it was. The portal sat there, with a shiny latch. Suddenly I heard the portal scream.

"Leave before they come. Ignore me. Leave me be. I will be-"

"Wa- no..." I mumbled, feeling my lips crack. Another bomb went off in the distance, and my body flew against a tree. "Agh..."


Shy sighed as she watched Truce disappear. It was probably a hallucination, and if it was real he must have remembered. As she strolled back home, her feet stood on something hard.

"What the..." Shy paused, examining the hard thing. It looked like a portal of some sort.

"OOF!" A girl came flying out, filthy and caked in dirt.

Shy leapt back in surprise. "W- who are you?" she stammered, taking a step back.

"I'm Moon," the girl gasped. "I was... protect you..."

"Protect us from what?" Shy demanded.

"There is an evil magic coming your way. I know this will be hard to explain but-"

"HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!" Shy shouted, frightening Moon.

"I'm from a different dimension," the girl said simply. "One of your guardians is gone, but none are dead. You thought Kawaii was dead, but... she's alive. She's in...another dimension. Tech has disappeared into Oblivion. I- I don't know where she is."

Shy paused for a moment. "What force are you talking about? Where can we find Kawaii?"

"I'll need to take you to my dimension, to keep you safe. From there, we'll go to the regular dimension to find Kawaii. Nikki and Foxstray- they will come. You'll need to take dragons to find the Second Wall..the second portal. You're being chased by Magic Captors. They captured Kawaii and wish to steal her magic."

Shy hesitated for a moment. "Let's go. I'll get what's left of the gang. And then we'll find Nikki and Foxstray."

"Wait- where are your teachers?" Moon asked, confused. "I thought you guys were magic students, not juveniles on the run."

"They're dead. There was a fire, and, well, many of us have been separated. And our kingdoms have been destroyed."

From there, the two of them took flight on Shy's dragon. After collecting most of the gang, they then found Nikki and Foxstray. It was a strange sight to see little figures riding dragons in the sky.


Dragonheart breathed back tears and felt her hair wave in the wind. The cool breeze made her cheeks healthy and pink, and the fresh air made her nose tickle. This was it, she thought. They were going to get Kawaii back. Nikki steered her dragon to the right. "It's this way, right?" she asked.

"Yup," Moon said, swaying back and forth as it was her first time dragon-riding. "The portal should be right-OOF!"

Everyone whipped around and saw Them. "It's the Magic Captors!" Moon yelped, steering her dragon away. "Let's get out of here!"

The clouds seemed to turn darker as the dark and hooded people took flight on giant, flying rat creatures. One of them pulled out a sword, and swung it at Foxstray. She dodged it quickly. Then, another one of them flung a net at Nikki's dragon. Her dragon's tail was caught, and she started dropping downward. Shy caught her hand, and sadly pulled her up.

"EVERN!" Nikki cried, reaching out to her dragon.

"Feragus fistle-twist," Moon shouted, pointing her wand to Nikki's dragon. "Hopefully he'll be safe. Not sure if this spell'd work."

"It better," Nikki said bitterly, as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. "We're close to land. We'll have to stop flying if we want to die a non-airborne death."

All of them started taking flight toward the ground, and the Magic Captors furiously followed behind them. They were in a village, which made it slightly worse. "Cargorn flick twit!" Shy called, moving the villagers away. The magic captors landed, hoods kept on. One of them flung out a sword.

"So, we meet again," he said.

"Yeah, we do," said Moon, flinging out her sword.

"You know spells don't work on us, right?" another of them said.

Nikki kicked one of them in the stomach, making him fall back. He easily regained balance, and she dodged his punch. He swung his sword at her leg, and made her limp back. "Don't just stand there!" she yelled.

Shy punched one in the side of his head, making his hood fall off. He had greasy black hair, and looked slightly annoying. He threw off his cape and pulled out his wand. "Varinus hilitis!" he yelled, pointing his wand at her feet. She fell backwards, and attempted to perform a spell on herself so that she would shapeshift. Nothing happened.

"Wh-" Shy stammered in surprise.

The Captor grinned, and held out a bottle. "Looks like I've got all your magic," he said. "Better think first before acting stupid."

Foxstray unfolded her wings which she had kept a secret, and round-housed kicked one of them in the ribs. He was knocked out cold, and she propelled herself in the air before she launched herself at another of them- and missed.

Moon swung her glowing sword at the Magic Captor, attempting to get his bottle. All of them had bottles which contained their magic. One of the captors was down, thanks to Fox, but there were still about a dozen.

"Let's make a run for it!" Nikki yelped, dodging a spell.

"No, we have to get our magic back!" Shy yelled back, hitting a Magic Captor with as much force as possible.

Nikki glanced at her. "It's either we get Kawaii back or we're dead," she said solemnly.

Shy nodded slowly, but felt a force knock her hard on the side of her face. The impact nearly broke her jaw.

The Guardians ran as fast as they could, making sure the Captors were far behind.

"They took all of our magic," Moon sighed, leaning back. "Anyway, we need to rest. We're almost at the portal."

"Where to?" Shy asked.

"Let's go to that inn."

Dragonheart took a sip of juice she had gotten from a stand, chuckling to herself as she watched everyone tried to kill each other while she was taking a sip of juice.


Also thank you Dragonheart and Tech for giving me some ideas.

The inn was made out of brick and various other stones, and was connected by sticky sap. As the remaining guardians went in, the innkeeper looked crabby- like any old innkeeper would.

"How many?" he asked, wiping the table angrily.

"A lot," Moon said, locking the door behind them. "Eh, there's a magic captor out back and-"

"Guards'll get 'em." the innkeeper sighed. The guardians looked out the window.

"Have anything for this?" Shy asked, pointing to the bruise on her jaw. She frowned as the innkeeper tossed her ice wrapped in a towel.

As the guardians settled into their new room, Fox and Nikki nodded to one another silently. "We must leave," they said at the same time. "But-" Dragonheart paused. And they disappeared.

"I thought nobody had magic..." Moon paused.

"Apparently they did," Shy sighed. There were 3 of them left, and only two were actually a part of the gang. Everything behind them- the school, their teachers, their old adventures, were gone. This was serious. The captors were coming for Kawaii, and who knew where Tech could be.

As they all slept, the long day went from moon to morning quickly.

"Hey, Gramps," Dragonheart said to the innkeeper. "We need to find a portal-" she had already given out all the information before Moon had stopped her. Shy tucked her iron sword close to her while Dragonheart and Mr-old-guy went through a stare down.

Suddenly the innkeeper's eyes widened. "The portal," he said in a low tone. "It's up North, do be careful though!" he handed them a map. "I've been saving this for the ones who truly need it."

The two guardians looked at each other eagerly. "Thanks," Dragonheart said suddenly.


It was cold up North, a mountainous region that probably wasn't explored in a while. Shy spotted something. "Look over there!" she pointed to a destroyed piece of architecture, which was likely a castle. Destroyed homes were scattered about, and everything was wrecked. Moon got closer to the destruction. "Guys, look at this!" she said. There were more maps and writings scattered around. "What's strange is that there doesn't seem to be anymore people- dead bodies and stuff like that. This must be super old."

Dragonheart picked up one of the scrolls. "Shy, think you can read this?" she asked.

Shy opened the scroll. "My elvish isn't the best, but I can try."

"It's written in elvish?" Moon asked. "Man, all this middle-earth magic stuff. Wait until we get through the portal to modern civilization."

Shy began to read. "He who enters the portal will enter destruction and pain and fear. He who enters it will betray their friends, will turn to the dark side. He who enters will live miserably until the spell is cast." The rest of the scroll was blank.

"Looks like the stakes are high," Shy paused again.

"Willing to take them?" the guardians heard a voice.

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