Chapter 1

Hello. My name is Miss Clevergem. I am a horse in Jamaa. I am not a ordinary animal in Jamaa. Here is a bit of my background. When I was born, a hooded animal came to my father (who died in a shipwreck trip when I was 5). The hooded animal spoke in a gentle tone like a angel. She said: "Here, your newborn child was chosen from Mira herself, long ago before she disappeared, she wrote down a prophecy that a newborn foal will receive a special power from herself. That foal with that power will help Jamaa one day. Mira had power she need to pass on or the phantoms will get it and use it to destroy Jamaa. That is why she wrote the prophecy. Your newborn child now received that power from Mira long ago written down. I came here to let you know." My father bring the news to my mother (who was captured by the phantoms and got murdered by them when I was 10 years old.) My mother got exited as she was nursing me. My father ran to the door to ask who was the hooded animal, but when he got to the door, the hooded animal was gone. My father was confused and helped nursing me. So that is a bit of my background. I was living alone for two years. When I need to go out of my den, I shape shift (a power by Mira) into a bird (any species of small birds) and fly around Jamaa. My parents are protective of my powers so that is why I don't go outside much. They are afraid that a phantom will get me and get the power. My magic I got is powerful so my parents don't give me much contact with rest of Jamaa. I heard about the Alphas but I NEVER get to see them because my parents are overprotective. When they give announcements Alphas return to Jamaa, my parents wont let me go to Jamaa township or rest of Jamaa. Like said, I get captured by phantoms, they got the powerful magic and destroy Jamaa. Although now even though I don't have any parents now, I don't made contact with anyone in Jamaa. Although a year ago in Jamaa Township, (I was in form of a blue jay) I see the Alphas for the first time in, forever. I was amazed by their amazing abilities, but I never spoke to them or meet them. I only see them and heard about them. When they come, I usually in my form as a species of a small bird and follow one of them amazed the fellow jammers. None of them are aware I followed them.

Chapter 2

One day, I saw a phantom floating around Sarepia Forest. It has electric surrounding its tentacles. It shocked that poor helpless bunny. I grew mad by its actions so, I cant leave the poor bunny sobbing from the phantom's sting. The phantom laughed at the sobbing bunny who looked like it was going to sleep. I shape shift into my normal form and burst out the bushes. "Leave her alone or I show you revenge!" I shouted. The phantom looked back and came toward me with its electric shield. I pounced on it and blasted the phantom with my magic. The phantom crashed down and its eye grow wide. It became scared and floated fast away. I ran toward the unconscious bunny. I never do this before but I carried the unconscious bunny on my back by a tree. I saw how badly she looked so, I used my healing power to heal the unconscious bunny. The bruise she got from the shock was gone thanks to my healing power. I was about to leave Sarepia Forest, until the bunny woke up. She was surprised by no bruises and came toward me. "Did you blasted that phantom? It was so amazing!" She said. I nodded. "You're my hero!" She said and hugged me. I never expected or wanted to be hugged by someone but I let her hug her anyway. "Thank you hero! I need to go now to my den! Bye! Thank you!" She shouted back as she leaved. I smiled back in five seconds and went back to my usual expression. I shape shift into a cardinal and fly outside of Sarepia Forest. I flew to Lost Temple Of Zios to hopefully get peace. I perched on a tree and then I saw a phantom behind the bushes. It got up and moved. It looks suspicious so I decided to follow it. It looked trouble. I flew to a tree and followed the phantom. Then I saw its hive. My eyes grew wide for ten seconds as I see the phantom hive. I feel like exploring the hive, so I shape shift into a phantom and floated out the bushes. I followed the phantom and went in the hive.

Chapter 3

As I enter the hive, it is swarming with phantoms everywhere. As I was floating around more, there were phantom pods (I think that is where phantoms hatch from).


Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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