Warning: May disturb readers under 10. Less gory than most stories. NOT a true story.

My friend was online, so I clicked her on my buddy list. I moused over the blue button and it said "Coral Canyons". I simply shrugged, and clicked it.

My animal, a deer named Twinkle Shybelle appeared next to her animal, an Arctic Wolf named Flora Loudjammer.

"It's breaking!" she exclaimed, hopping on the bridge. 16 other animals jumped too.

I stared and began to say, "Are you sure?" She stopped hopping and stared at me.

"I mean, AJHQ said it has never happened.... But those rocks down there look very pointy." Flora shook her head.

"It's a kid's game. Nothing will happen, Twinkle! Stop being paranoid." With that said, Flora returned to hopping. I shrugged. She had a point. I hopped next to her.

Eagles flew out, nearly scaring me half to death with their loud "ka-kaw!" I ignored them, and a small chunk of rock underneath my hoof broke off. I screamed and Flora grabbed me.

"You're right...." she began. "Maybe we shouldn't do this."

As she said that, more and more rocks fell to the bottom, leaving most jammers running. A fox and her pet tiger fell, screaming. I never saw the end of her. Flora screamed and ran. I tried to keep up, but my world was spinning round and round. I collapsed, and the rock beneath me collapsed.

I fell, being impaled by spiky rocks on the way down. Now, even though I am dead and bloodied, I keep jammers away from the bridge and ice through a spirit. They feel it, just a small tingly feeling that jumping is boring.... But to some, my warnings go unnoticed.

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