(Hey guys, it's Fluttershy the Animal Loving Dreamer here. It's been a looooooooong time since I've written a good story. I know a story about a hacker isn't a very nice one to read, but this idea popped in my head after school. (btw I don't even like MLP anymore). So enjoy!)


MeowRarelife150 joined Animal Jam in February 2011 (early, right?) and was quite intrigued by the concept of 'rares'. Meow never made any friends (she never spoke to anyone) and she didn't have a lot of items. Anyway, Meow never knew how to get rares, the only way she knew was to trade. She kept on playing and earned quite a few items from trades, but Meow wanted more. She was tired of just playing it fair.

So Meow bought a 12 month membership in December 2011, so she gained accesibility to any item she wanted. This was the time when Meow learnt about 'betas', items that were sold in the early times of 2010. Meow sometimes wished that she knew about Animal Jam in 2010 so she could join and become 'beta' beforehand.

But something shocking happened 9 months after Meow got her membership: An extremely nice Jammer (who I will not mention the name of because Meow and her have just recently become enemies) sent Meow a long black spike collar. Meow was beaming and wore her favourite item on all her animals. That was, until November...

Meow was scammed by a person named TikiMaskAndSpikes4Ever (who we'll just call Spikes4Ever), and guess what item she lost? Her long black spike collar. Meow cried for days and she had very few good items left. A month later in December, her membership expired, and Meow felt pretty glum. After days and weeks of begging to her parents, she finally earned a permanent membership on AJ.

This is when the story of Meow starts, in January 2013... In her POV, written in her diary...

2013 | MeowRarelife150's SECRET Diary

I groaned and woke up at 5:00 am on Saturday, I just had a wonderful dream about me reading an AJ creepypasta then logging on AJ and receiving a founder's hat. Today was the day I would finally find out how to hack, then I would be rich in rares and betas galore! MWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!