This is the story of how I live, and how I die.

I liked to be.. DIFFERENT! not like anyone else, strange, not like ANYONE else, original, everyone teased me for doing that, but I will never not be myself, I was different, so I thought I didn't need friends, but I found out.. I do. --Mighty Tinyfoot (P.S this may not make sense but IDC XD)

Chapter 1:The Beginning

I roleplayed my own town, I was each person in it, Fauna theHyena(A Thief), Sir Bravewolf(A Teacher), Precious Spiritlily(A shy, normal, cute octopus), and a lot of others, until one day.. I met Old Magicpuppet.

I was roleplaying in my den:

"Help me, Mighty! Fauna's stealing all the Pearls!"Precious Spiritlily screamed

"I'm here to save the day!"I said and transformed into a eagle and flew and grabbed the pearls

"Here you go, Spirit"I said

"Thank you"Precious Spiritlily said

  • I noticed someone come to my den*

"Um.. who are you?"I said to the stranger

"I am your WORST nightmare"He responded

  • I started to laugh*

"Yeah, LOL, if you're so "SCARY" try to beat fauna in a scaring contest"I responded to him

  • I transformed into fauna*
  • His penguin killed Fauna, and it deleted fauna from my account*

"What? I never knew that was possible on Animal Jam?"I said

  • He disappeared and a shadow appeared in my den, slowly getting bigger and bigger, where the shadows were I couldn't walk/or set stuff there or the items/animals would disappear*

Chapter 2:What is going on?

I only have a inch of my den where my animals don't get deleted? what is going on? who was Old Magicpuppet, I had no choice but to turn into a eagle and fly into the shadows, and see what would happen.

  • My computers screen flashed red and said in big, bright letters "I AM COMING FOR YOU", I shut down my computer, but I heard a voice "YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME"*
  • I heard my mom call for dinner so I ran downstairs and pretended nothing happened, I finished eating and got back on AJ*
  • I tried to find a place to go to rp, I decided to go to Mt Shiveer but then I scrolled over it and it said "Mt Starving", and scrolled over jamaa township and it said "Jamaa TownSmash"? I just went to "Mt Starving anyways, I saw a jammer sitting down, alone, didn't have any friends, I didn't have any, I didn't ever think I would need any friends because I have myself to rp with*

"Oh NO!, save me! the school is burning!"Sir Bravewolf said

"Don't worry I am here to save you!"I said

  • the jammer walks up*

"Um.. Hi, may I play with you"The Jammer said

"Sorry only I can play this"I said to her

  • she did a sad emote and ran into the Hot Cocoa Hut*

"Eh, everyone does that, now back to my game!"I said

  • Mt "Starving" ice started to melt, the ground was breaking"

"Eh, I didn't know AJ did that"I thought.

  • I left to Jamaa Township*

"Oh, your my HERO MIGHTY!"Spiritlily said

"No problem"I said

  • I saw a jammer walk up*

"want to come to my party?"A girl named Major Majormajor said

"Who goes to parties? I don't"I responded

"I worked so.. hard on it.. :("She responded and left

  • Randomly my animal, Mighty Tinyfoot was deleted*

  • My screen started flashing, I turned my computer off(rage quit) and went to sleep*

Chapter 3:The Voice

I felt weird, like I was being watched, I didn't say anything about it, too busy to rp

"Trade me! i got best stuff in jamaa on trade! trade quick so u can get 1!"I said, lying because I had necklace on trade.

  • I got traded a Wood Floor and I accepted quickly*

I felt something tap me on the shoulder, I turned around, didn't see anything, I felt something tapping me on my shoulders, I looked again, nothing was there.

"Hurry up!, change and then we need to leave to the resturant!"My mom said

  • I opened my closet trying to decide what I should wear and I saw something strange, I looked closely and saw a fedora, I grabbed it and put it on and then I heard growling, I looked closely and it was him.. looked just like the penguin but as a puppet, holding a knife, and missing his fedora, I ran downstairs*

"Mom!! help me!!"I screamed but there was no response, I heard talking, and I followed it

  • I saw those jammers(as humans), who I had rejected*

"You didn't help us when we needed help, and friends!"The Girl(Who was a Raccoon wanting to rp with Mighty Tinyfoot)

"You didn't hang out with us or not hurt our feelings!"Major MajorMajor said

  • A week later*

"Honey! we need to go to our sons funeral.., get ready."His Mom said

"Okay! I'm coming!, also if you didn't hear we are adopting two girls"His dad responded

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