Long ago, the Land of Jamaa was created. Zios, the Sky Father, and Mira, the Sky Mother, loved what they saw and watched over the land. Some time later, the Animals arrived, with the Alphas. Eventually, Liza, the Panda alpha, brought them together, and then Jamaa went into a peaceful period of time, and the Alphas stayed silent. Then, the Phantoms attacked

Zios understood that some animals wouldn't stand a chance against the Phantoms. So, he sent the animals - the younger ones of the Arctic Wolves, Snow Leapords, Cheetahs, Kangaroos, Eagles, Lions, Hyenas, and many other animals - into a cavern in the snowy mountain now known as Mt. Shiveer. He sealed it shut with a chunk of ice, carved a Seal into it, and went to help the other animals into battle. All of the older ones of the animals behind the cave (except for Panda, Wolf, Koala, Monkey, Rabbit, and Tiger) were killed or captured by the Phantoms. Zios was also put into a deep sleep (possibly for eternity) by the Phantom King. When Mira found out about this, she became enraged and awoke the Alphas. They went to battle, turned the tide, and saved the remaining animals.

However, since Zios had not even told Mira about the cavern, and he was struck down, nobody knew about the animals behind the ice. They wondered about, and found an amazingly beautiful land, the hidden part of Jamaa. Pretty soon, this place became known as Other Jamaa, and the other part as Main Jamaa, but other then the animals that lived there, this place was only known about in legends and tales.

The Alphas moved the ice, years later, late at night, and the Seals were returned to Jamaa. The reason the other animals didn't return too, because the Seals were gaurding the land, and were too excited to finally see Main Jamaa again to care about the other animals in Other Jamaa. So, the others stayed.

Meanwhile, the animals in Other Jamaa had devolped their own Alphas, Trading Systems, Report Systems, it almost was a more organized Main Jamaa. They never got rid of the items in their stores, there were giveaways, and yet nobody knew of this land. Yet one day, an unsuspecting Jammer may open the gateway between Main Jamaa and Other Jamaa once again...

Still haven't decided if I want to continue this, so don't expect a Part 2 anytime soon.

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