Chapter One: Finding Animals

The orange sunlight spilled over the plains of a new nation. The newly named Jamaa was run by Mira and Zios, and much of the land was still unexplored. That day, Mira was looking for recruits of Jamaa.

"It really is tough picking," Mira thought. Mira was informed to strictly choose animals with pure hearts, and not scammers or bad animals. Zios was more strict on the rule, while Mira was more forgiving.

Mira was flying through the unexplored land when she saw a cluster of animals. "Perfect!" she exclaimed. She swooped down, her pale blue wings stretching.

"Who is that?" a panda with a ragged hat spoke. A small purple bunny looked up.

"I like them," the bunny spoke, eyes sparkling.

"I am Mira, and I come with peace in mind," she calmly spoke. The animals looked up at her in awe.

Suddenly, a phantom flew in front of all of them. "Excuse me. These animals are under my rule," it said with a ragged voice. Mira grimaced. Phantoms were very, very cruel.

The purple bunny hopped up. "Please, Mr. Phantom? Let the nice bird speak?" She spoke in a child-like voice. He looked down.

"No." He flicked the bunny away, and she went tumbling.

"How could you?" Mira yelled. She immediately flew down to the small bunny. All of the animals looked at the phantom before following her.

"Are you okay, little one?" she asked. The bunny's ears twitched.

"I-I'm ok..." she rasped.

"I need to bring you with me now. There's a medical center in Jamaa."

"W-what's Jamaa?"

"You will see."

Chapter Two: Helping the Bunny

Mira had brought all of the animals to Jamaa Township.

"Really, Mira?" Zios ranted. "I bet that more than half of these animals are not pure of heart."

"Zios! It was an emergency!" Mira replied sharply. "We must get this bunny to the medical center."