Ever heard of the "Lost Jammer"? You probably have. You probably have also read the story about him. But that wasn't the true story. This is.

Chapter 1- The Lost Jammers? I SEE YOU

One day, I was in Animal Jam, trying to summon the "Lost Jammer" that I recently heard about. But no matter how much I tried, it never would work. And I wanted to find the real him. Not just some troll or fake. So I searched up his username, (Decompose1) and went to his den. What did I find? Lost Jammers. All fakes, going to people's dens when they needed it for "real footage" of the Lost Jammer. I almost didn't believe what I saw. Yet some part of me knew that it was all a hoax. I simply said "Wat". Really. That's all. Wat. Now I knew what everybody did in their videos. Paused the recording, only to go to that den and get a fake. Fake.

Chapter 2- Finding the Real One

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