Once there was a Jammer named Miss Funnybunny. On a Saturday night she went to play Animal Jam. But when she logged on, she saw eagles flying. The eagles teased the nonmembers, including Miss. Miss was very sad that night, thinking: " Why can't I get an eagle and fly? ".

When she woke up the next morning and logged on, she saw a dead eagle on her screen, with the eagle saying in a sad voice: "". The girl was terrified, she called AJHQ and said: " Umm, AJHQ there's a dead eagle on my screen. I'm really freaked out please help me." AJHQ hung up without a word. then she restarted her computer, and it was fine.

She went to Crystal Sands and saw a hanging eagle corpse. Then she started seeing more and more dead corpses. she was teriffied. Then an eagle came up to her and said: " You'll never fly...". And the eagle flew to her, and stabbed her in the chest. The eagle flew to jamaa, and lied to everyone about Miss...


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