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Have you heard about the tall Stalker? Probably not. Even if you did, you would be lucky to be reading this. The tall Stalker is a player in AJ. It is a black giraffe with blood red eyes, usually found in Appondale. Here is the tale of my encounter with this strange player:

I was simply playing AJ. That's all I was doing. I wasn't scamming, hacking or breaking any rules. That's what confuses me, what did I do to deserve this? Ah, sorry, I tend to go off topic a lot. As I was saying...

I decided to go to Appondale and have a laugh with my friends in the mud. It was always so much fun to do that! We would cover ourselves in it, then troll people into thinking we were, uhh... little piles of brown mess? Hehe...

I noticed something out of the ordinary: there was a member giraffe sleeping under the big tree. You know, the one you can climb on? Well, a few moments after my arrival he sat up. He didn't say anything so I decided to ignore him. I started splashing about in the mud for a while, until my mom called me for dinner. Well, of course I wasn't allowed back on my computer, it was the family rule, so I went to bed. I had completely forgotten about that giraffe.

I awoke the next morning, took a few seconds to remember what and where I was, then rejoiced at the fact it was saturday. It's my favourite day of the week you know! I hopped straight onto AJ, eager for a new day. I was the type of jammer that usually role plays their life as a jammer, like: -eats breakfast before changing into my best outfit to go to town- or -looks through the new offers on clothes- 

So, I started role-playing and all, until I thought that i would donate some gems to big cats. Teleporting to the conservation museum, I checked how many gems I had and a suitable amount to give away. 1,000 gems this time. I clicked donate before walking out of the glass doors.

The first thing I noticed was that giraffe. It was there again. I started to get a bit freaked out so I went to my den. I realised I was hungry, so I went AFK to go grab a yoghurt.

When I came back I jumped when I saw a picture printing from my printer. It was a picture of the giraffe standing next to my wolf. I was really scared now, so I quickly grabbed the paper and ripped it up. I threw it in my bin. I couldn't eat my yoghurt, infact, I think it's still there where I left it...

I decided to stop playing AJ for a while. I was really scared. I tried to get on with my day, but I couldn't get the giraffe out of my head. 

Later on, my mom asked me if I wanted to go shopping. I agreed, atleast this might take the giraffe off my mind. 

When we got there, it was SUPER busy. I was soon getting pushed around by the crowd. I couldn't see my mom. I started to feel dizzy, the world around me was spinning. I saw a man with a black giraffe mask on, and all the advertisements changed to that same picture that was mysteriously printed out of my printer earlier.

It was too much.

I fainted.

A few days have passed. Wait, was it hours? Years? Minutes? I have no idea. All I remember is waking up in a hospital bed, feeling rather strange. I had a tingling feeling in my finger tips, as if they were buzzing with electricity. People were trying to calm me... I was screaming? Shouting... fighting? Yes... yes I was fighting.

I think I am going mad. Now I'm here. In this prison. In this asylum. I'm going insane. The only thing that I will live off is AJ. That's the only thing they let me do. Since I got back on to the game, I recycled all my items, my animals and wasted my gems. I made a black giraffe with red eyes. I don't know why. It just felt... right. 

I'm going insane. The pills aren't working. I'm drawing that same giraffe on my wall. I used my own blood for the eyes. My world is falling apart.

Help is too late. God is too late.

But you're not too late.

Beware of the tall Stalker.

"Sir, there's a bit of a mess in cell 104..."

"What is it?"

The occupant seems to of shattered their skull... it's quite nasty in there."

"Oh, is that the first giraffe girl?"

"Yes, sir."

"Pity... Anyway, get it cleaned up.

Oh, and keep that giraffe, I have a feeling there will be another victim"

"Of course sir. Anything for the tall Stalker, sir"


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