Some content may be a little frightening. Not that explicit, but if you think you may be scared, then I advise you to NOT read this article.

If you know the popular roof-walking glitch at the Temple of Zios on Animal Jam, then you may possibly know about a mysterious place left in the unknown. The place is called 'The Three Directions'. To get to it, you'd have to find out the code when you log in, then see the door that was usually nailed shut with planks. It would be slightly open and mist would be spilling out of it.

You'd press the door to open it a little wider, then walk inside. You would suddenly come upon a small space, three pathways with one sign for each, and you would've had to choose one. The direction on the far left was the Trail of Death. The path on the right was the Pathway of Doom. And finally, the one in the middle was called the Rainbow Rides.

I'm sure you'd have choosen Rainbow Rides. You would go to that pathway, but guess what? The screen would fade to pitch black, only for a few seconds, then it would dump you right back to The Three Directions. Now, you would either pick the Trail of Death or the Pathway of Doom. But for each, the same result would have occured.

It would've felt like hell in those two directions. There were five stages of torture; First, you would go tumbling down a steep, rocky hill with twigs sticking out of the ground. Then, you would have to run through a swarm of bees, wasps, and hornets. After that, stage three, you'd get atatcked by a troop of hungry, dangerous phantoms, dragons, and griffons. Then, at stage four, you would have to go through a patch of deadly, sharp and spiky thorns. And the final stage was the volcano. You'd have had to jump over the volcano successfully.

When you finish all five courses, you spot an acient, yet fancy door. Before you can confront it, everything turns pitch black, and you hear a scream.

By Bluejay12