This is the story of a movie that you probably watched it, just different at the name ( The movie name isn't the time machine

  • Chapter 0: Before the project begin
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  • Chapter 1: Found project book
  • Chapter 2: Go back to the past
  • Chapter 3: Time machine is completing ( coming up)

Chapter 0: Before the project begin

The story of a boy name Justin ( I make it up cause I don't remember his name), he love science, he texted alot of projects, all of them were successful, his dream is become a student of MIT school, a science school. He wait for his mail in 37 days, his little sister, recorded everything he do even his projects. Finally, the mail has delivery to his mailbox, he's so happy about it.

1 day after school, his mom tell him a bad new: they have to sell their house cause they don't have enough money, she don't even have a job, he say:

- we'll have enough money if I can go find a job to work

- No, son, it's too late.

- There must be something I can do about it

- Sometimes, there's nothing you can do about it

Monday, in the afternoon, at his class, his teacher give him homework

He go to upstair with his little sister, she found a camera, his dad camera, it still work, they turn it on, it's his 7 years old birthday party, suddenly, he saw something really weird:

- Do you see that?

- That's you in your birthday party, nothing weird about it

- No, look at the mirror, that's me when I'm 18 years old in my 7 years old birthday, how is that even possible?

He went downstair, show the video to his friend but his friend only notices about the "ladies", he yell:

- Does you guys even see me? Am I even exist?

- Sorry dude

- Ok, look in the mirror

They got shocked, their faces like "No way", they look at the mirror for a while. his sister say ( or should I say scream?):

- You're only see what you want to see.

- But it's my watch, my backpack, my clothes... in the mirror, that's me

- You in the video looked like you're keeping something in your hang

- Ok, let do it, you in the video look like trying to take something from the right side

- Ok, like this?

- Yea, do you see something at the right side?

- A light button, it lead us to the basement

They go to the basement very fast:

- Our parents not let us go down here when we was young

- Then now we'll go in.

- who shut the light down? Turn it on!

- Ok.

- I heard something when you shut the light down...

The story is gonna be long (IF I don't have to go to school DX)

They keep shutting the light down and look around:

- Hey take a look at this thing

Chapter 1: Found project book

-OMG, It's a project book, a time machine project book, man, your dad is a genius

- Let make it together

They try many times but it didn't work it show incredible and dangerous things instead, they try it again and again, they tries about 5 times, and then, they sneak to their school to steal the battery, they could have been banned from school but they was luck.

They try it.... again!

But the battery don't have enought energy for the "machine":

-we need something that can make energy by itself

- Jessie car's battery

- what did he say? why is he let Jessie parking at his house?

- Here's her battery, let go!

They try it and hope it'll successful, Jessie hear annoying sounds:

- Jessie, over here! Hide!

- what's going on?

After done, they noticed a weird thing:

- OMG, where's the car?

- It got stick on the wall

- Look at the clock, it go back to 2 hours ago

- Yes! we made it! we made something go back to the past!

- Um, is this look familiar?

- OMG, I was wrong that's you in the vid......

Chapter 2: Go back to the past

Jessie come up to them say:

- why don't you just test it on human?

- It's very dangerous, we could die

- what are you keeping?

- My key

He stare at the key for a while, Jessie don't know why. He take them and Jessie look at the video closely, she like " That's impossible":

- Test the machine on human please, you saw you in the video, you know you can make it.

In the midnight, they are gonna test the machine by.... themselves:

- Relax your body, don't hold your breath, be calm, ok? If we don't or only one don't do it, all of us could die.

- Ok.

- Hug tight and press the button

After press the button, the machine was very strong, they screams.....:

- Ok, can you hear me Jessie, Jessie?

- A little.

- Are you ok?

- I'm ok. where's the car?

- The car will not be here til we drive it to here tomorrow


Chapter 3: The time machine is completing ( coming up)

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