Animal Jam had added a new item to the shop. A toilet.

It was your average looking toilet, white (you could change the colors) with some toilet paper.

You clicked on the little lever thing on the side to flush it.

See? Your average toilet.

I bought a toilet, and kept on flushing it. It even made a flushing noise!


Well, turns out that there was a glitch for the toilet.

You flushed the toilet ten times and clicked on the lid. Then you were randomly given an item. Bunny hat, plaid couch, star carpet, whatever.

Jammers called it the 'Toilet of Awesomeness'.

Others called it the 'Toilet of Doom'.

It was very popular until the day a jammer got sucked into the toilet.

The jammer, Little Spiritivy, a bunny, did the glitch and instead of being presented with an item, got his membership sucked away!

Jammers instantly deleted their toilets, to save their memberships. But then, I got curious.

I did the glitch, and was given an item. A bow. Not a bow an arrow, but a small tail bow.

I put it on.

My animal instantly turned into a toilet.

A walking toilet.

I walked around jamaa, and everyone looked at the toilet in awe.


Everyone crowded around me and started to 'attack' my toilet.

I went to my den and locked it, for safety's sake, and for mine.

I took off the bow. I was back into my normal animal.

I looked at the bow in my inventory.

It read,

"The Toilet Bow"

Soon after this, AJHQ removed the toilet and gave back Little's membership. When Little was given her membership, these were her words:

"Don't ever buy a toilet, no matter how cute it looks!"