Eternal wondered why it had gotten to this.

This is what she summed it all up to.

She had made a friend, a very decent looking one. The friend looked like a decently fashionable animal. A pretty pink and white fox. Her name was Layla.

They had so much fun together, laughing, doing adventures, going to each others dens, playing games, it had all seemed like a game in fact. That was, until Layla asked Eternal to come back to her den.

She agreed, knowing her friend would get mad if she didn't.

Eternal was a carefree crocodile. She loved everything about everything.

So once she got to a stone castle den instead of Layla's usual Sol Arcade den, she didn't care. She loved it anyway.

The fox led Eternal into the bottom area, the area near the water. What the fox did next was unexpected. She opened a trap-door and told Eternal to go down and take a look at the rares down there. Eternal LOVED rares. About as much as she loved her friend!

So Eternal went down there, and heard a lock above. She instantly scrambled back up to pry open the trap door, but no such luck.

That was how she got here. She hated her new friend. She didn't even know if she should call that fox her 'friend' anymore.

But she hated this room even more. There was so much blood..


She was stuck, in this chamber, filled with blood. The worst part about it? There were 6 crocodile toys. All 6 made from real crocodile skin,With blood spatters fully covering one. The thing that scared her the most was one of the crocodile 'toys' looked clean. She didn't know how that worked, since there was a blood spatter underneath, but she decided not to ponder it for too long.

That was it. She hated how she was so helpless. She wanted this to end, so she could be free!

But, alas, being freed was not an option. It was clear as glass she wouldn't be freed by that fox.

Wait a minute. Freed by that fox? Eternal had an idea. A crazy idea, but an idea.

Eternal set to work, gathering gray and red materials. She took all of those gathered materials, and starting sewing with a bloodied needle and thread.

She had finished sewing the main piece of the costume when she heard footsteps up above. She then gathered the left-overs and made a dragon mask.

The footsteps got louder.

Eternal literally threw the costume on and prayed for dear safety that the fox would be fooled.

The cellar door opened, and there stood the fox with a small pocket knife. The fox screeched a bit when she saw Eternal. The fox didn't see a crocodile, But a twiddling!

The fox then said: "Where is the crocodile? Get out of the cellar. This is for crocodiles only." As she was pointing for her to get out, she said, "WAIT A MINUTE! And threw off the costume. Layla chained up Eternal, as Eternal begged.

"Please, let me go! I didn't do anything to you!" Layla ignored her and kept on chaining her, then said, "I hate crocodiles even you." Eternal then shape shifted into Mira, and Layla went to her knees and bowed down low.

"Is this how you treat the crocodiles? Very cruel I can see. You must stop this at once, and you will be punished!" Layla was standing there astonished. Her jaw dropped and no words came out. Mira, is a very beatiful bird. She has feathers of blue and markings all over her. She is one of the rulers of Jamaa and she helps protect it.

"I-I....I'm sorry..." Was all Eternal could manage to say, while stuttering.