DISCLAIMER: Before you read this, there's a similarly-titled Creepypasta called The Torture Chamber. This 'Pasta has nothing to do with that story, I created it in my own image.

Once, there was a wolf named Hepia McFlora. Hepia, while exploring the Temple of Zios one day, found herself staring down at the trapdoor in the temple-like structure and wondering what lay beyond it. Brush it off, Hepia thought. Everyone knows there's an impenatreble lock on there. Shrugging it off, she left to play with her friends. She told them how it suddenly came to her, even though she knew the lock on there was impossible to break or lockpick. Dipsy, a teal fox, told her that she didn't need to worry about it. Dipsy's advice was impossible to follow, as it continued for 3 weeks. Finally, she felt that the lock indeed couldn't be broken, but the actual trapdoor wood could be bypassed. Just in case she died down there, she left Dipsy and her friends her will. The will said, If I be gone for 12 months, I leave my 30 diamonds, my pet fox, and all my belongings to Mexie, my dear rabbit friend. However, Dipsy may have my pet fox for it is one of his own kind. I am sorry to Mexie, Dipsy, and Liolana, my dearest deer friend. For I should've made my way out in about 5 months or more, but if my own corpse is found, this will's wishes may be activated. McFlora took her sword and slashed at the wood to weaken it, and then hopped on it so that it broke by splintering apart. The splinters tumbled down what seemed like endless stairs, though Hepia could just about barely see the end of the staircase and the start of a stone floor. She ran down the stairs quickly and within about 1 minute, she swiftly landed on the floor. Looking around, she noticed a big pile of rare and hard-to-come-by items. "My friends would be so happy to have one of these!" she said to herself. McFlora grabbed a long spike, a non-rare head feather, a rare headdress, and a rare bow for herself. She happily rushed towards the exit, when suddenly the trapdoor repaired itself so she couldn't get out. In shock, she let go of the free items, sure that this meant certain death. Quickly stopping to write a note which read, Don't take these awesome items, it will sure lead to danger, she stuck it on the bottom of one side of the trapdoor. She was thrust back down by a strong gust of wind, even though the room was almost airtight and a gust of wind couldn't have come like that. Then Hepia saw what had made that gust of wind. A small, yet powerful, air jet. She looked around and the rare items were no longer there, but they had been replaced with medieval-looking instruments of torture. However, there were a few modern-looking items of torture. "Who's there?" McFlora said shakily. A feminine and masculine voice said at the same time, "The Gods of Jamaa." A horrible thought came into mind. Mira and Zios? No way, they would never hurt anyone! Zios appeared, he looked exactly like Mira except he had the Zios mask on with his beak poking through, and his feathers were brown. "Welcome to reality!" he said in a cheerful yet sarcastic voice. "Why - Why do you lurk down here?" Hepia asked. "I have made my friends aware of my possible death, so it's not like you could get away with it!" Mira appeared. "We WILL," Mira said. "We have fooled EVERYONE, even the Alphas themselves. We have fooled everyone into thinking we protect the animals. That, as you're about to realize, is WRONG!" Zios flicked on a switch, and suddenly the light came on, revealing what seemed to be endless piles of corpses. Hepia recognized one of the corpses - "You - You killed Bethia! My oldest and most loving snow leopard friend! How could you???" "Because we are monsters." Zios and Mira replied. "Now, be quiet, we don't want to send 'Zapper' on you!" Mira suddenly and swiftly tore off the wolf's two front paws, revealing the broken bone, for Mira also tore out some of the paw bone. Hepia stifled a scream, but it was so hard to hide the pain that she screamed in agony. Zios did not haste in strapping McFlora onto a metal table, and also placing a rat on her stomach followed by a cage which surrounded the rat. It sniffed around, then started chewing through her stomach to escape. "STOP!!!" Hepia screamed. The rat stopped, then in a sudden stroke of luck, the rat canceled its original path and in 10 minutes, exited through a small arching path in her stomach. Mira face-winged herself. "Raitois, you know better than tha-" Zios paused, noticing that Raitois (the rat) had scurried away out of sight. Using telekinesis, Mira grabbed a red-hot iron brand and pressed it against Hepia's chest for what seemed like eons to her. "Please... Please... I want my death to be hastened..." Hepia whimpered. While the hot iron brand was on McFlora, Zios tore off Hepia's tail, leaving only a short bleeding stub. Mira removed the iron brand, revealing a burn that has burnt through the skin, muscle, and (somehow) the fat, unveiling the bone. Zios brought a wet cloth, and placed it over Hepia's muzzle, removing it after a suffocating 1 minute. "You madbirds! You're nothing but monstrous liars and serial murderers, all you deserve is to slowly be TORTURED yourselves in the Phantom Vortex!" McFlora gasped. "That's the final straw - ZAPPER!!!" Mira screeched. Zios welded iron chains to Hepia's limbs, then released her from the metal table - only to weld one of the chains to the wall. Zapper appeared, he was a phantom-like coyote or a wolf. He tore off Hepia's head off, then placed it down next to her body. "I'm sick of this stuff, masters," he said. "I'm officially retiring." Zapper disappeared, to the so-called "Gods" of Jamaa's dismay.

Dipsy's Diary, page 10.

It has not been 12 months yet, but we did find a note on the reverse side of the trapdoor saying Don't take these awesome items, it will sure lead to danger. Continuing down the stairs, we saw Hepia's disembodied corpse with her head laying nearby. Liolana, Mexie and I understood why we shouldn't take the sought-after items laying nearby. (By the way, we went by ourselves the day after Hepia McFlora went down the trapdoor.) The others burst into tears, seeing the injuries she had went through. Her two front paws were missing plus her tail, and there was a horrible burn on her chest revealing some of the bone. When we looked closer, there were two adjacent holes which apparently were caused by a rat due to some of the rat fur in the two holes. There were even welded chains on all four limbs, so we couldn't take the corpse too easily. Luckily, I had a laser which could cut through metal (I used the same laser to break through the lock). I asked Mexie and Liolana to stay back, while I carefully cut the chains. Once done, we took the head and the heavily injured body back out of the cold room. We held a funeral for her, and all of a sudden, a light-blue snow leopard spirit floated by to watch it pass. Everyone identified it as Bethia, who had gone missing a few years earlier. "Me and Hepia McFlora died at the wings of Mira and Zios," Beth said. "Do not trust them. They have tricked us ALL, into thinking they protect us. Even you, Alphas." To be quite the surprise, the Alphas were there along with Tavie (we held it near a river so she could come), so imagine the supreme shock they had! Greely's face turned red with anger, mad tears pouring down his cheeks. After the funeral service, the Jamaa police permanently sealed the trapdoor so that nobody could suffer anymore. Do you wish to know who wrote this? Sadly, it is me, Mira. You will be cursed if you tell anyone this story.

- Mira

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