You know the trapdoor on ground level of the Chamber Of Knowledge? Ever been in it?

Of course you haven't, it's "inaccessible". At least, it is now. In the earlier versions, it was another story...

In earlier versions, if you clicked on it, it would reveal a secret mission, in which you would have to go around the entire map to find where it was. Upon opening the trapdoor, it would make a long, eerie creaking noise. It would allegedly reveal a staircase, which if you were patient enough to move your animal down it for ten minutes, you would be presented with an pitch black room. At this point, the goal changed from "Go down the staircase" to "Run away", and the goal bar would go slightly red. If you obeyed the goal and ran away up the staircase, your game would be perfectly fine. But if you didn`t run away, and continued the mission, the further you went, the more glitchy it got.

By the time you have wandered about the room and found the torch, a text bubble will appear saying: "GO AWAY", while muffled yells could be heard in the background. If you tried to go away, you wouldn`t be able to. After that, two more text bubbles appeared, both saying: "LEAVE US ALONE". Once those ones disappear, one will come up, with red text: "I NEED TO FIX TH1810astgryjanb15h3l9u2". Then an option appeared. "Help them" and the other one was: "Leave them alone".

Upon clicking: Help them, all sound will cut off and the screen will turn black with red text in the middle quoting: We don`t want your help".

However, if you click: Leave them alone, your animal would be transported to Jamma Township. A new buddy will have been added, called: _error_, their Tiger called Count Largeclaws, and it`s pitch black.

If you want to know why I know this, I'll answer your "question"

The reason I know this all?

I`ll tell you. - _error_.

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