Many a person know about the mysterious and generally silent murderer, and expertise hacker, deemed by the title "X". A flash of a black hood, the glow of a red X, and the quick drop of a bystander are all signs of his recent visiting. But little is known about this being. As for his past, backstory, orign, motives, no one seems to know. He is feared by many, rumors spread from child to adult, and adult to child. But is there more behind this expertise killer than what most say. This is the tale of one of the most strangest of encounters, one that tells the TRUE story of this anomaly called "X".

Prologue/Chapter One

I stared up at my bedroom ceiling, sighing, the recent day's events weighing down on my chest. Mom and Dad were out for the night, leaving me and my brother home alone, until tomorrow afternoon. It was one of the stupidest things they could have ever done. My brother--Wallace--was carved straight from idiotic terror. 

They of course left HIM in charge to watch me, since he was older.

About a few hours earlier, I'd walked down the hall, hoping to get into my bedroom and play my handheld. This meant, I had to cross paths with my brother's room.

He was always one who...well...favored money. He often was broke due to spending all his allowance on basbeball collector's cards--which was where I came in.

I shoved my hands into my jean pockets and tried scurrying to my room, when he popped his head out of his.

"Andy! Come here."

With Wallace, you can never ignore him. I stopped in my tracks, held my breath, and walked towards his doorway. "What?"

"I'm low on dough. You got any?"

I lifted my eyes to lock into his, then shook my head. "Broke as you are."

He started at me, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, sure you are."

I felt my heart leap to my throat as he stood up, tall, walking towards me. "Where is it?"

"I told you, nimskull, I don't have any! Now leave me the heck alone."

My brother gave a short snarl. "It's on you, ain't it?"

In order to keep him from stealing it, I always kept my money with me. Of course, like an idiot, I kept failing to recognize he'd pickpocket.

"Idiot," I huffed under my breath. Of course, he grabbed me by my shoulders, and pulled me into his room.

"HEY!" I snapped. He then shook his head, a small sneer growing on his face, as he grabbed my ankles and flipped me over. My head banged into the floor, and then scraped against it as I was pulled upwards. He then proceeded to shake me, causing a few bills and coins to fly to the floor.

"You suck at lying, bro," said Wallace. "Knowing you, you've got more than that, don't you?"

I bit the side of my tongue. I could feel him slipping off my sneakers and socks, like a maniac tiger on a prowl, scrambling for that wad of bills.

He tossed me to the side, and I flew for a second, slamming into the wooden floor.

I scrambled to my feet. My face was wet with something. I touched my cheek gently, and my fingertips came back wet with blood.

Wallace stood, counting MY money. "Twenty-five bucks. Not bad. Anyway, pipsqueak, you best get out of my room this instant. I'm through with you--for now."

I just stared at him. There were so many things I just wanted to shout at him, DO to him right then, but I decided to pick my battles.

With a nod of my head, I left. I could hear the lock click behind me.

My face still stung from the earlier events. I sighed, turning over in my bed. It was hard to sleep with that face injury, hate for my life, and tha--

I heard something, a loud crash then a thump, jolting through the room. I immediately sat up, looking around the area. Everything seemed to be in tact. What was that?

It sounded near, but not as near as my room. I slid out of bed. I reached for my flashlight, cracked open my door, and walked out.

My heart pounded against my chest, and my lungs seemed to stop working all together, but I kept going.

My first destination was my brother's room, having that be the nearest room (other than the closet) and that I wasn't necessarily ready to tackle whatever it was alone.

I stood before the door, hesitatingly. Looking both ways, and gathering up all my courage, turned the knob and pushed the door open.

It wasn't locked. Huh. Maybe he'd left the room afterwards, and didn't lock it back.

My eyes were adjusted to the dark, but I still shone my light across the room. I noticed my brother wasn't in his bed. No, his back was towards me, slumped against the opposite side of his bed. Almost as if he was chilling, or fell asleep in that awkward position.

"Wallace?" I asked. "You okay? I heard something."

No response.

Maybe he was sleep. I walked around the other side. "Walla--"

I slammed my hand over my mouth. His head was tilted to the side, his mouth open. His eyes wide with horror. Right on his chest, blood stained, a puncture wound right where his heart would be. His shoulders were slumped, lifeless.

Down by one of his legs, something caught my eye. A...bright X? Even in the dark, I could see a tint of red. What was it? Made from my brother's blood?

All I could think of was how I'd always wanted horrible things to happen to my brother. And now...looking at him like this, I freaking hated myself.

I noticed, one hand laid limp by his side. On the other one, his arm was limp, but his index finger was pointed. Almost as if he was pointing at something before his arm gave away.

Right in front of him.

I turned around, only to lock into gleaming, bright eyes.

I felt my heart give into my feet. I forgot all abou breathing. I was frozen. Staring at it. It staring at me. Just eyes. Right at the wall across from us.

Finally, snapping out of it, I shone my light towards it. But there was nothing there, other than a few of his trophies, sports banners, and a hamper of dirty laundry. In confusion, I lowered my light, the eyes were gone.

Something inside of me clicked. Instinct took over. There was something creeping up on me. I jumped just in the nick of time, to see a figure topple forward. He then stood up and faced me.

He was about my height, wearing a black hood, which was pulled over his forhead. In his hand, he held a knife, which was stained with blood. His eyes matched the glowing ones I'd just seen.

"Who are you?" I asked, keeping my voice and posture steady. "And...what do you want?"

He didn't answer. Just lunge on me.

This was it. How it would end.

He was on top of me now, holding up the knife with one hand, holding me down with the other. I reached up and grabbed his wrist, with all my strength keeping him from pushing it down.

"I'm not dyin' until you answer my question," I said.

He remained silent. With his other hand, he pulled it up for a second. Probably to choke me.

I was too quick. While that hand was released, even for a second, I tried punching him, but my fist made no contact. But it did throw him off guard to dodge, which gave me enough give to get up.

"Stubborn, aren't you?" I said. "You can't answer? What, a mute murderer? Cliche, if you ask me."

He stood there for a moment, almost as if hesitating. I was ready. Another attack? I'll dodge. He could have outsmarted Wallace, but he will never me.

But he shocked me. Instead of another attack, he just simply dipped his head. 

I glanced at my brother's corspe for a second, arms crossed. I looked back, and he was gone.

I looked around the room frantically, but there was no sign of him.

I was about to leave the room and check, until something caught my eye. Written on the floor--in...something--I'm unsure, but it looked similar to the red X, there was a message:

What a fine challenge you bring, ignorant stubborn child! You wish to know my idenity? Poo to you, I shan't reveal anything of myself. But as you may, call me X.

My purpose for all this? Simply doing what needs to be done. I hope we can meet again soon. Your survival instincts ARE quite enthusiastic, if I shall say.


I just stared at it. I kicked the message with my toe, then quickly left the room. I didn't want to stay in that hostile spot any longer.

There was no sign of that nasty murderer at all through the house. Something told me I'd have a safe sleep--for now.

My parents would freak. I'll have to be "babysat" by a dead person. And it was obvious, that wouldn't be the last time I'd see that...X fellow again. I know too much anyway, having survived him. I'm quite sure he wouldn't take defeat that easily--or was it defeat in the first place? My brother's 16, I'm 14. He's way stronger and tougher than I am.  Yet I could fight him while he couldn't. There must be something behind the scenes.

So it begins.

I'm in survival mode.

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