Bones dot a desert, and clouds of blood floated above towering mountains. The sun fueled the dryness, and night brings frostbite. You see cacti rarely, and food and water is scarce. What is this place? I am Callie, the long forgotten banished antlered wolf alpha, and welcome to "The Unknown".

ITS ALIVE    ---(sa)---

The Unknown surrounds Jamaa. This is my home, my life, and my memory. This is where I live, loved, and licked. Yes, I did lick the ground once.

You sniff the air, a distinct smell hanging everywhere. This place reeks of death, and the foulest is the decaying stench of the innocent. The reek floats everywhere. You can't get rid of it. It hangs onto you and me, and slowly feeds off of your hopes and dreams, your faith and hope, your strength. You can't get out of here. Never. You're here for a reason, and the reason will always drive you back here unless you make another world you can escape into.

Scarlet stains everywhere. The mountains have huge avalanches every hour. Deserts are full of abandoned mines and quick sand. It's a cruel world, and many had sacrificed themselves to end their sufferings. Others have been taken by The Unknown. It's not a place. It's a creature.

The Great Dragon  ---(ve)---

A great dragon that stalked Jamaa.  It was a kind dragon who gave food and shelter to jammers, but then the alphas came.  They wanted the land, they wanted fame, so they convinced the jammers it was all just a set up.  It was slain by Liza and Sir Gilbert, and it lay here for it's dying place.  It never died, though.  It's still alive.  Every breath it takes is that rippling wind that tugs at your feet, pulling outcasts like me into it's great mouth.  All the air it expells is the rotting fog you smell.  

As years went by, weather took it's toll.  Sand and dust covered the gigantic body, and the red rivers you see are the blood from the wounds, still flowing.  Death hovers in the air, but the dragon hasn't died yet.  Every jammer it breaths in, every drop of blood, every minute of life fuels it's anger against the alphas.  Those mountains are where the dragon keeps his bitterness, and the mountains keep growing.  There's nothing left in him but the empty feeling of nothing and the cold rage.  He's keeping it all in for now, but I fear he might snap one day.


I am Callie, the antlered wolf alpha.  I live here, driven out by my bloodthirsty fellow alphas.  The Liza, Peck, and Sir Gilbert are my main tormentors, and forced me to live here.  I only know of the Great Dragon because I am it's friend.  I have taken the time to convince the dragon to tell me it's stories.  We have formed a weak bond.  A weak one, but it's growing stronger.  I may need his help one day, maybe I might try take back this world from these horrible monsters you call "the alphas".  

My history is best left forgotten.  I try hold back my anger and replace it with forgiveness.

My past life was long ago, my past joy has been buried in the dust and flames of this world.  My only sanity lies in this beautiful plush my true love gave to me, but oh... my it's like me.  I'm wasting away into a world of pain.....

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