Hello there person, Im here to tell you a tragic tale of the horrors nobody has told other people to this day. You might be thinking now..."What kind of tale is it?" Do not worry, my child...All your questions will be answered. I was a regular Jammer, the usual type of any player in the game Animal Jam. I used to only strive for delicious rares, but no, I do not do that anymore. There are reasons why I do not run towards good-looking rares, I shall tell you why that is. I have known this glitch which corrupts the whole game, It can be only done once and never again. The reason why it cannot be done twice is people have experiencing horrid things after the corrupted glitch attack. Like, body parts of animals dissappearing and re-appearing now and then, and similiar. But something actually weird happened to one of the experienced Jammers, While they were enjoying their Animal Jam day, their animal became corrupt like the glitch. It glitched violently, its limbs were being ripped off and put on the chest of the animal and being stitched again to its regular location on the body. The head seemed shifted to its shoulder while the neck was being wripped open due to how much the head was shifting towards the shoulders. Its eyes were soaked in blood and tears, running down its face while the mouth had shone a frown upon its emotions, "Help!!!" The Jammer rapidly typed while their smile was replaced with a face of shock, wondering what would happen next. Their wolf seemed to tear its head off its own body with its sharp released claws, Then...the head slowly turned around, and stared at the player with its soulless bloody eyes. The player eventually fainted and could not be revived when the mother rushed to call the police and ambulance. The police officers tried to track down the person behind the wolf avatar, and they succeeded. The person was took in jail for atleast 20 years, I have done this glitch before. Something worse happened to me. When I eventually "corrupted"/"broke" the game I was logged out of my account, I logged back in only to see that everything was black and white and that my arctic wolf had gone realistic. The items looked so real, I wanted to snatch them through my screen and wear them but that isn't possible right? Right. I heard a scream, it sounded like a woman screeching and then I heard a slicing noise. And heard some kind of liquid splashing noises in the background also, Hopefully it is juice or water.

Then, some player approached my animal. The person had no name tag, and if you clicked it the player card will not display any username or any options..It will be just the picture of the avatar which was a blank-faced wolf with original New Jammer colors. (God, im going to go watch some undertale shorts and continue cause this is creeping me out. + do not edit this out. Back, lets get writing!) He trotted slowly towards me, looking blankly at my face despite them having no face at the moment. I typed in the chat smashing my keyboard buttons like I am now, I said: "Hello there." And there was no response. I didn't do anything, then I noticed that my animal seemed to have no breathing animation which hit me in the head. "What the fudge??!"

I said almost outloudly, Scared out of my mind. I started flooding tears out of my eyes, afraid if the game might actually have effects in reality. Then, the wolf stabbed my animal with something like a "knife"? I couldn't see it clearly cause it was switching from one sprite to another and having the word "ERROR" scattered around it, never seeming to go away. My animal, having a face of shock, its eyes rolled back giving the sign that its dead and its going to decapitate any time soon. The wolf let a insane noise of laughter, I actually heard it and then I start crying more. It seemed as if it had an Audio file played while the laughter was animated. My animal collapsed to the ground with its legs, Its paws stretching out and pointing towards the sky. Seemed like she was praying or something...Then a grin flashed over her face, she said using my own voice. "It was worth it...hahaha..." Then she fell on the ground hitting her head. Blood was running down her skull. I screamed, falling off my chair and then calling the police as the mother of the player I mentioned earlier did. I hit my head to the floor, "". I heard footsteps, it looked like it was an animal. I truly saw what it was when it entered my room, a dark black wolf with bleeding eyes staring right into my soul. Luckily, I had a pan which I was playing with my two brothers earlier this morning, so I hit the creature with the pan and it fell down dead. I ran outside, Why would I smell the flesh of rotting skin which is also being eaten by flies inside the house? The police arrived, "Finally.." I shook my head down in relief that someone was here to help me. The police eventually brang the corpse of the wolf to their station and investigated it with the help of the ambulance.

But, thats the last time I went on Animal Jam, and I stay awake until 05:00 nowadays...All because of the wolf I saw. His soulless eyes. His fur. His jaws. All of it, made me like this.

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