Black is a strange thing, isn’t it? It’s not even a color. In fact, black is devoid of all color. It is nothing in itself.

Then why do we fear it so? Because we fear nothingness.

Humans are so utterly torn apart by the sense of voids. It is so unnatural to see nothing in a world of somethings. It plays upon our hearts and minds with a cruel grip.

Why do I bring this up, you ask? Because of the Void in this game.

Have you not seen it?

It is in the very corners of the worlds, in the very code of the game is there is Black. It silently watches you as you play the game.

But what does it matter? Oh, it doesn’t, really. You should just know that the Darkness watches, that it can be obtained. One can step into the Void if one choses to.

Have I, you ask? Yes indeed. And what did I see? Nothing.

Not seen, but felt. The Void is full of things that are not seen, but are tangible. For the things that are not seen are Eternal, like the beings in the Void.

Wait, you are surely saying, why do you ramble on to us about the Black Void?

I come to warn you. It may not affect your day to day game, but soon it shall. One day it will be consumed, as all things will.

Perhaps you will be too. Perhaps you shall be like me, and know the secrets of The Void.

Can you feel it?

We’re all meant for The Void.

Our Lives are Devoid.

For we are nothing without....

The Void.