Everyday, the War Jester would have angry fits.

She would go around screaming at people for a few minutes, then stop.

She screamed at Old lady wolves, her friends, and stupid people who thought they were jesters. The War Jester believed she was the only jester and that all others are fake and stupid.

Mythical saw these fits and knew something had to be done.

She created the almighty PUNS!

The War Jester was DELIGHTED!

Soon enough, the War Jester took substitute jobs just to make puns!

Her as a Gym Teacher: "Hey guys. We have a terrible game today! It actually really stinks."

The kids booed. "It's called Skunk Tag." The kids laughed and laughed.

While they were playing it, The War Jester put on 'The Walker' by Fitz and the tantrums. she put the microphone to her mouth and said "Spritz and the tantrum!"

That was it. She would go around, making puns everywhere she went!

She took a Rainbow Loom person and stretched it to tremendous lengths. She said to Mythical "Break dancing!~"

That was it. But eventually her PunPower got too strong.

Mythical knew she had to put a stop to this.

Mythical thought the only way to stop it was to make the worst puns EVER.

(Insert puns here, your turn! Must be terrible)

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