A small girl sat at her desk, wondering what the world around her was doing.

Although she was little, she pondered over large ideas such as "What animal am i?" or "How would i act?"

She sighed as she stood up, knowing the only way to answer her question was to go see for herself what everybody was doing.

She walked downstairs, greeting her parents. "Hello Mum and dad. I will be going around the town to explore." The parents, knowing she was very responsible, replied with "Alright Meda, but be back before dinner." The girl, or Meda nodded slightly and walked out the door.

She explored places such as the forest, the gardens and rivers. she then walked upon the market, her most favorite place in the world!

Meda explored the aisles, completely amazed. In fact, there was an item she was looking for in particular. She had been saving up her allowance all year for it!

She stopped at a certain tent, entered, and greeted the woman in there. "Hello Miss! I'm here to buy that item i asked you about." "Ah yes, the shirt. It costs $30, would you still like to buy it?"

"Well yes miss, that's the entire reason i came here." Meda laughed a bit when she said this. Meda handed the woman her money, took the shirt, and left after saying a quick Thank you.

When Meda arrived home, she gasped. Or, atleast what was left of her home.

It was all burnt.

All of it.

Literally ALL of it.

Meda screamed inhumanly screams, that rung in everyone's ears.

They immediately came to see the famous 'always happy' Meda screaming and crying.

They tried comforting her, but nothing worked. Then her therapist came.

Time skip; 3 days later

"Meda, i want you to let go of this past. Enter your wonderland, it will help you forget."

"I can't doc.."

"Why not?"

"I just cant!"

"State your reason."


"Meda, please. This is the only way i can help."

"My wonderland is dead!" She screamed, and tried to run out, but somebody caught her.

"Hello dear~I hear your family died?~From a fire?~My help is for sale, cheap!" the mysterious man said.

"Really? I barely have anything left over, but i suppose i can spare you $10." said Meda, a bit happier.

"Alright dearie, follow me. But, money is not my price." The man led Meda to supposedly his house, and walked Meda in.

"Now, see all these animals? Choose one to be. You can design it, and i'll give you some items to start out with."

"Alright mister. Oooh! I want that otter!" Meda chirped with joy.

"Now dearie, listen closely. My price is sanity. I will give you a pain-free, modern life. But in exchange, you give me your sanity and life."

"But how do i live happily as an otter if it costs my life, sir?"

"You'll see. Now, do you agree or not?"

Meda reluctantly agreed, and walked over to the otter.

"Now dearie, I'll take your sanity and life, but please stand still."

Meda was as frozen as a statue. The man then started to hypnotize Meda, and she soon fell asleep..

One two.. Who are you?

Three four.. You fell asleep at my door.

Five six, you knocked over bricks.

Seven eight, lets get this straight.

Nine ten, You fell from WaterFall Glenn?

Meda woke up to these chantings. She found herself in front of a green wolf.

The only thing she (falsely) remembered was

-I am The War jester

"I see you are awake. Please tell me, what is your name?"

"The War Jester."

"I see you have a good taste in fashion, eh?"

Meda, or The War Jester looked at herself and found that her outfit consisted of a Jester hat, a golden necklace, and a ..flower? Wrapped around her leg? She also saw that she had 3 pretty colors on her. Black, light blue, and light pink.

The War Jester started laughing a bit, as she tried to regain her memories. She started laughing louder and louder, since she couldn't grasp any memories.

The wolf fortunately calmed her down, and took her in.

The War Jester later found out that they were in a universe called AnimalJam, and that the kind wolf's name was Mythical SuperSpirit.

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