Wikia is in turmoil. Since the AJ Wiki nearly fell, users left and right are questioning how safe Wikia really is. Wikia staff is working on help users, but they can't do everything. In a quiet wiki far away, a fallen warrior and his friends gather strength for a final work on what makes the wikis so vulnerable. Join Silver, Jeff, Rinzler and more as they reunite the MCC Wiki for a final job.

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Chapter 1

The broken helmet was pried off, the light turned on. Holding a handful of berries, the quiet healer poured them into the fallen warrior's mouth. He stiffened against the onslaught of poison and healing at the same time. The poison wouldn't kill, but he would heal.

Silver opened his eyes as he regenerated health. He couldn't be alive, still... it was impossible. He had been attacked by a troop of Wikia staff.

Jeff's kindly face stood over him. "Silver? Are you there?"

"Mmph," his friend murmured. Hearing this, Rinzler dashed over and grinned. "Silver's alive!" He paused, thumb on chin. "But that means I can't nuke things... dang."

Jeff opened the door to the ward. "One person at a time!" he commanded, and let the MCC Wikians through one by one.

First came FireSlime, quiet for the first time in his life, with some cream to put on Silver's ray burn wounds.

Then came Spleef and MC, both looking suppressed. Even Spleef's bluster and bluff was quiet.

Percy, CDC, Brackenfern and Sunflower followed. All four were looking angry at those who had done this to Silver.

When the whole Minecraft Computer Wiki was assembled, Jeff leaned over Silver. "How do you feel?" he asked gently.

Silver groaned. "Like a tank hit me. Where's Gray?"

MC paused. He had been there when Wikia staff had closed in on the Animal Jam Wiki, trying to stop Gray from repairing their reactor. They had wanted to shut down the wiki and kill Gray. They had eventually decided (with much compromise) to not shut it down, but it had been too late: Gray had made his escape, running over fields and hills to escape. Wikia staff was still searching for him.

Silver looked upset being told this. "I wish I had stopped them," he murmured.

Rinzler, Percy and Jeff shared a surreptitious glance, deciding what to say. "Well, we have a plan that might save Gray and Wikia as a whole," Jeff finally responded.

Chapter 2

Silver listened as Jeff and Rinzler outlined the plan: Rinzler had discovered a replacement power source for the reactors that had always powered wikis. It was nearly foolproof, as all wiki members' life forces were slightly sucked away (by around 15%) to power it. The less members a wiki had, the less power it needed, and the less power was given. There would always be about double the power needed, and wiki members wouldn't feel much of a drain.

Silver looked dubious at the end of this speech, but Rinzler reassured him it wouldn't affect members much.

"Where are we to test this?" MC asked, worried.

"Downstairs!" Jeff answered.

The group followed him downstairs cautiously.

Underneath the Minecraft Computer Wiki was a dark place, lit only by torches. It had been hollowed out over years of mining and tunneling, and was the source of most of the wiki's materials. It had been built of stone dragged out of these depths, reinforced with the wood of ancient mineshafts.

Jeff led the way into a dark tunnel that soon opened up into a massive chamber, similar to the one that housed the wiki's reactor. It was empty except for a massive pile of materials in one corner. FireSlime dashed over and immediately began sorting them: diamonds, iron, stone.

"This," Jeff announced as he spread his arms in a wide gesture, "is where we'll start building. We need six units. Each one is going to be about 30 blocks, or 30 meters, high. That's 100 feet, so let's start building. MC and Rinzler will do the fine work; Silver and I will do the grunt lifting; Percy and CDC will build the frames; and we'll work from there. Everyone else, we need more stone, redstone, diamonds and whatever you can find! Let's get going!" He clapped his hands.

And so, construction started on Project NRG.

Chapter 3

Percy was hanging upside down, stretching to grab a beam out of Silver's hands. Jeff was waiting to receive it on the scaffold.

This process had been repeated hundreds of times that day, and they were barely ten meters off the ground on the first generator. Rinzler and MC were already started to wire up the first cables at the bottom of the machine, while Jeff and Silver helped Percy and CDC organize the frame.

Spleef darted about, taking materials tossed to him and ferrying them over to Rinzler with blinding speed. In the mines, Fern and Sunflower were digging through stone as fast as their diamond picks could carry them.

Process was coming nicely, according to Jeff's schematics.

Rinzler had just started wiring in the second wire to a diode when a massive explosion shook the wiki. Boulders tumbled from the ceiling, almost squashing FireSlime and knocking Jeff off his perch. Everyone jumped.

Silver yelled, "What the hell was that?!"


On the surface level of the wiki, fires were popping up in the main plaza. FireSlime held a tattered banner in his hands, quietly pondering.

"Who could have done this?!" Jeff asked, distraught.

"I have no idea. Let's get refurbishing. It looks pretty small," Silver responded. Rinzler, beside him, was fuming, furious that anyone thought they could outdo him.

CDC's radio crackled. The radios had been custom-made by MC several days ago, to help with building and mining when the users were split up.

It emitted a noise, like human speech.

"Trapped... help... left quadrant..." This was followed by a moan of pain.

Quick on the draw as always, Spleef yelped, "Fern and Sunflower!" He dashed toward the basement's entrance, almost making it in before Silver caught the back of his neck. "Don't go down there," he warned over the rumble of rocks shifting. "I don't know how stable it'll be."

He turned to Jeff. "You're the miner guy. What do we do?"

Jeff, looking worried, thought for a bit, hand on chin. He then sat down on the ground and traced a map in the dust of a wall.

"These are the mines. We don't know how widely the explosion damaged them, loosening rocks. The mines are about 20 meters below ground, and our building area is about 30. That's enough to bring the ceiling down on us if we're not careful." He paused. "But that's nothing we can't handle."

He stood up, brushing off his jeans with his hands. "We need Silver to stay on top. He's good at catching trolls." Seeing how angrily Rinzler was shaking, he added, "Rinzler, you stay up, too. You're no use in the mines that angry. Just don't do anything drastic."

Rinzler walked over to join his friend.

"Meanwhile, I need Spleef and FireSlime to go with me into the mines. Spleef, you will act as a scout, running in and back again. Do not get out of earshot. I'll do grunt work, moving boulders out of our path. FireSlime, you're the only one suited to this job: you need to heal us if we get damaged. Are you ready for that?"

FireSlime, excited as ever, nodded.

Percy and CDC conferred, looking worried. FireSlime was perpetually excitable and friendly, and had never dealt with something this bad before.

Percy stepped forward. "I'll go too. You'll need someone to fight mobs and help you guys keep going. I can do that well. You never know if any lights have been knocked out."

Without another word, the users split up: Rinzler and Silver to the broken wiki, and Jeff's party into the mines. CDC and MC waited for whichever group needed them first.

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