The Week is the week of the whole year that animal jam releases............. animal hunters.

The animal hunters kill at least five animals a day. The hunters are chosen randomly by AJHQ. And what if they don't kill at least five animals a day? Nobody knows..........

But AJHQ does.

Well, anyways, Clark Stacey thought Animal Jam was missing something.

Animal hunters, hunting season, he thought, but Animal Jam was a kids game, and he wouldn't allow that.

Until he just sighed to himself and said, "Oh why not."

That is why The Week exists.

NOTE: People die in this story. There might also be some suicidal thoughts.

Let's begin the story.

A Deer's P.O.V.

It's the week. I was sadly not chosen as a hunter. I decided to talk to my friend about this, one who wasn't a hunter. He was a penguin, and most of the girls on my buddy list say,

"Have you gotten rid of him?"

and I respond, even though it is not true,


But that doesn't matter right now.

Anyways, I came to his den, and he typed,

"It's the week, ain't it? God, I wish the week didn't even exist."

and I typed,

"Agreed. I might lose my account and have to start over, and I don't want to get a membership AGAIN."

I used to smile emoticon, and he did too.

-time skip-

We both were having a good time when I heard a bullet noise. I looked around, and nobody was there.

"OMG, someone's hunting us down!" I typed.

He didn't respond.

I checked besides me.

He was dead.

I was going to end up, dead.

I knew that. But I didn't end up dead because I used past-tense verbs.

 ???'s P.O.V.

I was sitting in the grass, looking upwards, noticing the crystal clear sky. No clouds at all. I loved that. But what I loved most was counting the jammers who died in The Week. That was one- actually my most- favorite thing to do.

Each jammer has a story of how he or she died. But my favorite one is when a hunter killed a jammer who was being nice to them so that they wouldn't die.

Ah, sweet memories of when jammers die. But guess what? There is new jammers being created. I don't really enjoy when jammers are happy, I LOVE when jammers die. When the jammers are happy, I lose my power. Well, I grow weaker. Sad jammers make me stronger.

I am not really sure how those sad jammers feel, but I don't really care about the jammers. I just care about them dying and not living.

Of course, I wouldn't even try to kill myself. I love myself.

-A part of ???'s Body-

Maybe I should feel bad about enjoying when other jammers die. Maybe I should kill myself for thinking such violent thought for such a long time. Maybe I could blow myself up with a nuke, yes, a nuke, that seems right.

-the other part of ???'s Body-

How I love when jammers die. Jammers don't understand.....

You die someday, right?

a hunter's P.O.V.

I went to Jamaa Township, Congo along with one of my other hunter friends. "We gonna hunt some animals TONIGHT!" they typed in the chat. "YUP!" I replied.

I got my hands on my gun, and I shot a Non-Member Giraffe. My friend shot a Member Elephant. We both high-fived each other like a boss and then went to Coral Canyons, Congo. I shot two animals- a Non-Member Bunny and a Member Arctic Wolf. My friend shot three animals- a Non-Member Tiger, two of them, and a Member Raccoon.

When one hour was over, I decided to log off animal jam. I changed back to animal jam after 15 minutes.

I shot a Member Wolf. I smiled because I was done killing animals. I shot 5, and I smiled. I could still kill more, but no, I had some ROBLOX to accomplish.

The Deer's P.O.V.

Same deer as the first P.O.V.

I stared in horror as my friend's blood went onto my hooves like I was on a murdering spree. I sighed in regret as my friend's body began to decay. Life is hard.

Suddenly, I felt the blood pause. I looked at my hands.

They were human hands.

 ???’s P.O.V.




I have a story to tell you, about one of my days in the week.

You see, one day, I was a monkey in The Week.

I smiled, showing off my rares.

All of them.

While I was showing off my rares, I got shot by a hunter.

And this is why I never show off my rares again.

Did you like that story?

I bet you're scared now...

Qual's POV

"What do you mean we are in trouble?" I asked.

"We're... just in trouble."

"Please give me a better answer than that." I slammed the desk in anger.

"The Week," he said.

I immediantly started panicking, running around, screaming.

"The end is near!" I screeched.

"Uh, no it's not," he said calmly.

"Oh." I calmed down, embarrassed, and I sat down.

"Qual," he said.


"Welcome to the hunters."

"So AJHQ chose me?"


A Deer's POV


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