This isn't really creepy, just weird, but unlike some creepypastas, this actually happened. So a couple of times, I have seen this weird bunny. It often has a band-aid on it. It is also a non-member. I don't know its username, or even remember its normal animal name, since I have only seen it twice. It is seen in the Pillow Room. It will say unusual, unsettling things like "GOES POOPY ON FLOOR" or "THROWS UP ON _____" It might wear a star cape, but like I said, I don't have many details on it.I have also been informed that he is apparently a hacker, that takes all of your items and only leaves you with the beginner items, the table and the blue rug, so just avoid him if possible. I don't know if this is some sort of revolution, like Fman122, or just one weird person, but stay on your toes, you might just see it. Just like I did...those two, strange times.
The Weirdo Bunny

P.S. If you can edit this, please, if you see The Weirdo Bunny, ADD A SCREENSHOT OF IT. Btw, this isn't a lie, it is really true.

P.P.S. Please comment if you've seen this before.

he is now a member and he said go me see u at apondale tree where nobody will see i will tie u to the branch it will be fun he is the same bunny and is a member

That's quite interesting, but why is it fun?

I saw it in Jamaa Township but he didn't do anything. He just sat there. It was what was described in this picture on the page, but without a bandage. I didn't get any good information, though. Because at this time, I didn't know who he was and I just paid him no mind. I did not get his user or animal name. ~Hollytuft

I also recall seeing him in the Pillow Room yelling: "ADOPT ME!" While I was just trying to relax. Then he said "Throws up." I didn't get his info. I just left after that, thinking it was just a little kid who was trying to be funny. And he was also doing the play action. This is all just from memory, so if something seems off pay it no mind. ~Hollytuft

It's not a hacker. unless the account cherryfizz44 used got hacked sooo be wary. But the one getting adopted was cherryfizz44aj so umm..

Potatos from Rosalina! don't edit my account please.

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