I remember my first vacation heading to the Philippines. I was super excited, and couldn't wait. I think it was about four years ago or so. My fun at the beach was my nightmare. 

My new friend, Robert, didn't know much English, so I had to use hand gestures. He once had is aunt translate a story for me, about a woman who was raped by a Japanese soldier. Her ghost remained and became a woman with a white gown, known as The White Lady. She told me other stories about monsters, most seemed silly to me. 

On the second week of vacation, Robert invited me to his house. I gladly accepted the invitation. His room had a long mat for a bed, with thin carpeting. I do remember it having a bit of red paint on the end. At least, I hoped it was red paint. I worked up the guts to ask him about it, when a strange sound came through the window. "​Tik-tik,"  I could hear the piercing noise outside the window. I heard it again, closer each time. Robert ran out of the room, leaving me trapped inside. The door was locked, and I tried to slam it open. I could climb out the window, but a strange bat like creature stood outside fluttering angrily, making the tik-tik noise. I could hear is aunt screaming. "ASWANG! ASWANG!" I forgot what monster that was, but I said to myself, "It's not real, not real." I heard screams outside, and I could feel the hair on my back stand up. Finally prying the door open, I was able to peek at Robert, now lying on the floor lifeless, and then his aunt. A woman, with only have a body and what seemed like....wings? Yes, leathery long wings. It was screaming, and the Aswang was feasting on what appeared to be her fetus. I closed the door slowly, and tried to climb out the window.

Relief eased into my mind, as I realized it was all just a dream.

Until I saw my stomach half opened, and to this day I remain in the hospital.


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