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Rigby- Rugbee

CJ- See J

Puppy- Skittlez

Lightning- Chimp

Froststar- Froztstahr

Icefern- Isefurn

Diamond- Dimund

Road- ....Road

Micha- Micheelle

Uni- UniversalGalaxSneeze

Chief- Peejulieweesally

Seaofclouds- see ohf clahowdz

NunyaPie- Eriya

ALSO, TWO THINGS: 1) If I see you begging in the comments to be in this..... I will be flattered because my stories usually suck. 2) After Chapter 6, this story is based off of the Futurama episode " Prisoner of Benda " a bit. kthxreadnow


by: Rigby/Bill/Mabel/Boss

Chapter 1

It was a s00per fabulous day at the AJW Mansion. Breakfast was being made by Dimund. It was pancakes shaped like Freckled Jesus! Road, the sane one, stared at the pancakes, confused.

" ...Uh, why are these pancakes shaped like a fac- " he was cut off by Dimund.

" OBEY FRECKLED JESUS OR ELSE! " she screeched, as she sat down to bow down to the pancakes. Micheelle joined her. Road face-tabled and began eating. Meanwhile, See J and Rugbee were fangirling over Regular Show Season 6.


As they continued their screeching, Universalgalaxsneeze was sneezing all over the pancakes. Chimp handed her a box of tissues and slowly moved his chair away in fear of being sneezed on. Skittlez, the author of the group, sat at the end of the table, writing her amazing story Confined, Concealed, Attacked. Froztstahr hovered over her shoulder, and stalked Skittlez as she wrote.

" 'Ey, Skittlez, is it my scene yet? Huh? Is it? Is it? PUPDATE ALREADY, DAMNIT! PUPDATE OR RIOT! PUPDATE OR RIOT! " Froztstahr she repeated, annoying Skittlez. She slammed her notebook close and grunted. She stared at Froztstahr. Right when she was about to tell her to shut up, Isefurn popped up and slapped Frozt for saying her catchphrase, 'Ey. Road's head was pounding due to the two screeching fangirls, Frozt yelling " PUPDATE OR RIOT " nonstop, Dimund and Micheelle bowing down to a stack of pancakes, and Universalgalaxsneeze sneezing loudly. He sighed and began running off to his room, leaving the insanity as it is.

Chapter 2

As Road walked upstairs, he bumped into Peejulieweesally, also known as PeeJulie, who seemed to be heading down to breakfast.

" Oh, sorry. " he said.

" It's fine! Hey, what are they serving for breakfast today? " she replied.

" You don't wanna go down there. Trust me. " Road explained, rolling his eyes.

Peejulieweesally shrugged and continued downstairs. Road felt a tingle of fear as she passed him. Road ignored it and continued to his room to prepare for the meeting later. The second Peejulieweesally walked in, all she saw was a madhouse. Everybody in the room was chasing and yelling " PUPDATE OR RIOT! " after a hyperventilating Skittlez. PeeJulie slowly strolled backed out of the kitchen, heading to the basement. She walked down the dusty staircase, getting covered in cobwebs and spiders. Finally, she came to the locked door. She pulled out an odd looking key. Before PeeJulie could unlock the door, Rugbee snuck up on her.

"OHAI PEE! " the obnoxious raccoon yelled.

" GODDAMNIT, RUGBEE! " PeeJulie yelled as she dropped the key.

" LAWL sorry, mate. " she said, as she began crawling over PeeJulie.

" Rugbee, what are you even doing down here? "

" I'm boorreeeedd. "

" Go change your name again, then. You never seem to get bored from that, Bille Misschef Appel Cider. "

" For the last time, that was LAST WEEK'S name. " Rugbee argued.

" Here, take this spray paint bottle and a picture of Margaret's face. Knock yourself out. " PeeJulie scolded.

Rugbee gasped in happiness and ran off to show CJ.

Finally getting Rugbee away, PeeJulie was about to unlock the door to the basement, until she was interrupted by the meeting bell. She hollered in anger and stormed upstairs. " Road, this better be good. " she mumbled.

Chapter 3

Everybody flocked inside to the meeting room, mumbling. As Universalgalaxsneeze hushed everybody, Road came up to the podium. He tapped the mic, making a terrible echo noise.

" Hi, everybody. Today we will be talking about the committees! " he announced.

The crowd cheered. Everybody has loved the committees. As See J put it, they ' brought out the creative side ' in them all. Dimund raised her hand to ask a question. " Yes, Dimunddrugon? "

" Is AoT a committee? "

" No, Dimund, Attack on the Titan is not a committee. "

Dimund raised her hand once more.

" No, SnK isn't a committee, either. "

She put her hand back down. Road rolled his eyes and continued the speech.

" Anyways, we will be doing the Christmas committee. Who wants to join? There are only 4 spots. "

Everybody (except Isefurn ) hands went up in a flash.

" Ok. Hmm... Rugbee, See J, Skittlez, and Dimund. "

They all high-fived, as Road dismissed the rest of the wiki members.

" Ok, guys. Go down to the basement and get the decorations, please? "

" Sure thing, R00dhawk. " Skittlez said.

" For the last time, Skittlez, my name is Road. Why do you guys even have those dumb nicknam- " he stopped, as he noticed the group was already downstairs.

Chapter 4

Later that day, the band of committee members went to get the key from Peejulie. As they walked the long hallway, the discussed ideas. " Maybe we can put up pictures of Mordecai and Cloudy Jay cut outs under a misletoe? " See J suggested.

" See J, that idea is terrible. My idea is WAY better. " Dimund complained.

" Then what is it? " the cloud questioned.


Rugbee and Skittlez facepalmed in unison, and continued on to PeeJulie's room.

Once they got there, PeeJulie refused to give the key. " PJ, we need that key for the Christmas decorations. " Skittlez explained. " NO. Go get some from the attic. " PeeJulie commanded.

" We dont have an attic. "

" Oh right. Uh... um.. ah... "

As Peejulieweesally thought of an excuse, Rugbee used her skill of being sneaky and snatched the key without being noticed. She beckoned the rest of them out of the room. Without a word, the group left. PeeJulie scratched her head and wondered what just happened. She shrugged it off and layed down.

Dimund, Skittlez, See J, and Rugbee strided down the staircase to the basement. Spiders and roaches scurried across the steps, giving each of them caution as they moved. To be safe, Skittlez rode on Dimund the whole time. Every step caused a creak and every creak caused a shiver down their spine. When the door was finally close, they inserted the key. As the door slowly opened, a cloud of dust surrounded the stairwell. They coughed their way into the room. It was large and has no windows, with many boxes and broken parts of various objects scattered around. Old posters that were torn were peeled off the wall. Rugbee wandered about, looking for the box with Christmas decorations.

After a while, nothing was found. Before they left, Dimund spotted something from the corner of her eye. It was giving off a teal glimmer. Dimund began walking towards it.

" Hey, where are you going? " Skittlez asked.

Without a word, Dimund pointed to the glow. See J and Rugbee gasped and ran towards it. When they got closer, they saw it was a small metal box, with a button that was giving off the light they saw. A few exposed wires were emerging from it, but they were ignored. The three toyed around with it for a while, wondering what it did.

" Guys, you really shouldn't be doing ths. " Skittlez nagged.

Rugbee rolled her eyes, and played soccer with the box.

Meanwhile, PeeJulie awoke from her nap. She decided now would be a good time to head towards the basement. As she grabbed for the key in her back pocket, it wasn't there. She thought hard about where it could be, pacing across her room. She gasped, and knew who did it. The ONLY person who could sneak up on her: Rugbee. She dashed downstairs, in hope it wasn't too late. PeeJulie rounded the corner, stumbling and tripping. As she raced down the stairs, trouble was just a second away. As she tumbled down the staircase, Rugbee set down the box. She chuckled, and put her hand over the button.

" DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! " Dimund and See J chanted.

" No! STOP! " PeeJulie and Skittlez shouted, as they both tackled Rugbee. In defense, Dimund and See J tackled the box. With every move, the wires came closer to them. With one swift move, Rugbee smashed the button, and the wires touched them all. A shock went through their bodies. There they were, on the floor, unconscious.

Chapter 5

The following morning was insane, as always.

" Hey, Eriya, where were you yesterday? " Road asked.

" I was practicing my twerking moves at the DMV. " she replied.

Road stared at her, digusted.

" Well, uh, ok. You missed the meeting yesterday. " he told her.

" Whatever " Eriya said, walking off to talk to her electronics, Ezur and Gushoe.

Road sighed and sat down for breakfast. It was odd this morning: it wasn't AoT related. It was just normal cereal. He knew this wasn't normal. As he looked around the room, there was no fangirling screeching, no sounds of scribbling on paper, no bowing down to a freckled guy. Road got up and went up See ohf Clahowds, or as they called her, See C.

" Hey, See C. , have you seen anybody in the Christmas Committee? "

" No, not since yesterday. "

Road was getting worried. What happened to them? He decided to call another meeting.

As the wiki members crowded into the meeting room. " Hey, guys. So, as you know, yesterday I sent Rugbee, See J, Skittlez, and Dimund to get the Christmas decorations. They haven't come back yet, and I'm getting worried " , Road explained, " and it's not just them. PeeJulie is also missing. ".

There was a faint mumble.

" So, I'm sending out a search party. "

" Road, really? It's just been one day. It's not like they were abducted by- by- ACHOO! " UniversalGalaxsneeze said. Chimp handed her a tissue.

" It doesn't matter. We need to find them. OK, so Eriya, Micheelle, See C., and I will be the search party. If we don't come back, Miss Sneezy over here is in charge. "

" HEY! " UniversalGalaxsneeze exclaimed, as the party left.

Chapter 5 1/2

Zombies from LMBW came an killed everybody. THE END ...yeahno.

Chapter 6

Meanwhile, in the basement, Dimund, See J, Rugbee, and Skittlez awoke. They rubbed their heads, wondering what had happened.

" Man, that was... weird. " Rugbee said.

See J. gasped.

" WHY IS RUGBEE'S VOICE COMING OUT OF MY BODY? " she demanded to know.

Rugbee's eyes opened wide.


The other two stood there, dumbfounded at what had happened.

" Test. " Dimund and Skittlez both said at once. They were all in different bodies.

Dimund was in Skittlez's body, Skittlez was in Dimund's body, See J was in Rugbee's body, and Rugbee was in

" G-g-guys... what's happening? " See J asked, clearly worried.


He shot everybody but Rugbee in the head and twerked on their graves. THEN FREDDY AND RUGBEE GOT MARRIED AND RULED THE WORLD. THE END.

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