A Sequel To:

The Wizard's Adventure of Magical Randomness!

This was a story made by a few people. It was a thread on the AJW, Continue The Story V.2, where we had random people join together to make one big story. Here are the epic people who contributed:






Mabel Pines


NOW, lets start the story! :D


Once upon a time, there was a Wizard of Slides who ate tons of cookies. And once he ate too much cookies, he barfed up beautiful octopi. One of the octopi became his pet, and he named it Takoyama-san! Takoyama-san and the Wizard of Slides went on many magical adventures together, including capturing Magikarps. Today, they would eat 500 cupcakes, then play tag! Then he found a potion, he drank it and he turned into a rocket! He blasted off and landed in a magical world: Pie Planet


He found a robot who ate pies, but one day the robot spit out all the pies in his face and then he screamed: " ROBOTS ARE DUMB! SO AM I! ". Then, out of nowhere, a magical pegasus named Cookie flew in and ate some popcorn. She said: " "I hate wizards!", then she kicked him, he fell into a giant snow globe. "Why am I a rocket, and why am I in spacee!" then he flew to A random person's house!! And it happened to be..... THE MYSTERY SHACK!


And two kids walked out, he asked who the kids were, and they said: "I'm Dipper Pines", and then Mabel said: " I'm Mabel! :D I have a grumpy great uncle. " And then, the Wizard randomly yelled out: " DIPPER... I am the author... ". Dipper freaked out and then the rabid pies came chasing them, and then one of them ate Soos!

And then Mabel yelled: "I LOVE WIZARDS! THEY ARE MAGICAL!" "SAVE US FROM THE PIES!!" Dipper screamed.


Mabel and Cookie sat there, while random people gathered around, watching the pies. Some of the people were indefinitely insane, so they decided to make Flufferanian a main character in the story. After that, she was eaten by a rabid pie. That made the audience all begin crying. When the crying started, many OCs, such as ASDFGHJKL, Amanda, and Cream came from different universes. They tried to cheer everybody up by running over a elephant, and ate some cupcakes. The wizard had no idea what was happening at this point, so he flew off to the Planet of People Who Quit, where he showed everyone a big, magical rainbow fish that liked to sing. Everyone was wondering what happened to the wizard, so they chased after him.


Then the wizard fell off a cliff, and a magical bear flew and grabbed him, and flew into the clouds, the wizard finally gave up, and he fell on the floor since the bear bumbed into a giant rock, and died. The magical bear cried and ate everyone, then the bear fell in love with Mabel, which he didn't eat her, so then the bear cheered up and flew off to find the Wizard of Slide's brother, the Wizard of Pizza Hut. One of the bear's friends, a bird, was completely embarassed at the Wizard of Slide's brother because The bird hated Pizza Hut and preferred Subway. So anyways, he found the Wizard of Pizza Hut, and asked him to make sandwiches instead of pizza and then the wizard replied:

"Ew, sandwiches are ugly, they remind me of an old, old time when when I was turned into a waffle sandwich. "

He then cried and ran off to the ultra-secret pizza operational unit for world destruction!


The bird, who I have named Kent, flew after the wizard, and tried to stop him from destroying the world, but the wizard created Cookies that would eat birds! Then the cookies flew to Disneyworld to go on the Tower of Terror. After the ride, they were so scared, that the cookies ate the ride, so they wouldn't be scared, then they saw the bird named Kent, then the cookies blew up the universe from anger. And that's why there is life on other planets: The cookies put a bird in space.


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