Greely walked around Appondale, his pawsteps slow and heavy. Since Appondale was always empty, it was safe to go there. Appondale was like a haven for him. He could say everything he felt like saying and nobody would hear it. Nobody even knew he was there.

Greely's throughts drifted to the other Alphas. No one knew it, but Peck, the rabbit Alpha, was dead. She and Liza had been on the stone bridge in Coral Canyons when the bridge had broken. Liza had barely managed to get to the other side, but Peck hadn't made it.

Well, that was Liza's version of the story. Greely, Sir Gilbert, and the new rabbit Alpha, Bosco, knew the truth. Liza had killed Peck.

Tears ran down Greely's face as he thought of Peck. She had always brought such happiness to the Alphas, even in dark days like these. She was cheerful, funny, and helpful: a great Alpha.

But she was gone. Killed by Liza. Killed by another Alpha. It was unthinkable, but Liza had done it. And Greely and Sir Gilbert had found out how.

Greely discovered a secret machine Liza had been working on. It turned captured Phantoms into a deadly poison. If anyone drank the poison, they were done for. And Liza had convinced Peck to drink the poison, and Peck had been killed. Liza had to quickly make up a story on why Peck was dead. And it had convinced most of the alphas.

And now the Alphas were practically at war. Greely, Sir Gilbert, and Bosco, along with less than half of the alphas, stood for the good side. Liza, Cosmo, and Graham, with the majority of the alphas, led the evil side.

The evil side was dangerous. Graham was a genius: a smart, evil genius. Liza had strong, evil leadership and brilliant ideas. Cosmo, well, Cosmo knew plants and flowers and all things plant-based. But while Liza and Graham were totally evil, Cosmo was a different story.

Cosmo wasn't really evil. Cosmo was a pretty old koala, and his mind could be swayed easily. Liza and Graham worked together to create a hypnotizing machine, and they hypnotized Cosmo to be evil. And sadly, poor old Cosmo couldn't fight back.

Greely had found out another one of Liza's evil secrets. She had allied with the phantoms, and the phantoms were willing to help her. In fact, they had told her where they were keeping Mira imprisoned. Liza's first reaction was to go and kill Mira, but Graham stopped her. He said that killing Mira might be a bad idea. Mira might be able to give them secrets and information. So Liza hadn't killed Mira...for now.

Greely had found this out through Streak, the eagle Alpha. Valentina, the former eagle Alpha, had also been killed by Liza. No one knew how, but they needed to find a new eagle Alpha. In dark days like these, no animal could be without an Alpha.

As Greely paced around Appondale, Bosco hopped up to him. Bosco was a brown rabbit with black lighting patterns. He wore a two gold armbands on his left front leg and a black worn-down cape.

"Are you alright, Greely?" Bosco asked.

Greely let out a soft, sad sigh. "No, not really. I've been thinking about the war."

"Oh, that's okay, because Sir Gilbert wants us to come to a meeting. It's a meeting...discussing the oncoming war."

Greely nodded. "Come on then, let's not keep him waiting."

Bosco hopped ahead. Greely followed after him at a quick pace. He thought about the war again. It would help if any of the wolves would actually help us. They're all busy doing weird evil things. Greely sighed. What Alpha is any good if he can't get his own kind to help in a war that meant life or death for everyone?

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