A long time ago, when the lands of Jamaa were first made, there were many true wolves. Every wolf at the Diamond Age of Jamaa was a true wolf. Jamaalian wolves were like Earth’s wolves: formed packs, hunted, found homes, everything.

Until the first day of the Golden Age of Jamaa. On that day,  a very unusual wolf was born. This wolf was in the Grassland pack in Appondale, and he had black and white fur with a red flame pattern. His eyes were narrow black slits.

He was a trickster from early on. No one knew where he got it from. As he grew older, his tricks began to get dangerous. Soon, he began to bully other wolves and became downright mean.

At one and a half years old, the wolf, Flame Fur, was at his worst. He had made a second name for himself, Fman, and he wouldn’t respond to Flame Fur anymore. Fman constantly stole from his pack. He stole anything and everything. He would steal prey and keep it all for himself. Soon the Grassland pack had enough. They decided to put an end to this vile wolf, who was making the pack starve.

They sent another wolf, Leaf Tail, to put an end to Fman’s vile works. One day, as the two wolves were on a hunting patrol, Leaf Tail caught a rabbit, and knowing Fman would steal it, he poisoned the rabbit.

Just as Leaf Tail expected, Fman darted out of the grass and scooped up the rabbit. With no hesitation, he bit into the rabbit and gulped every bite down. Within minutes, Fman grew pale and sickly. He fell over onto Leaf Tail, who quickly backed away from the dead body.

Leaf Tail ran back to the pack to tell them the news. They were finally free from Fman! Or so they thought.

Leaf Tail did get rid of Fman, but he didn’t get rid of him completely. Fman had three pups who were exactly like him. Jamaa would soon see many of the Fman wolves.

The Golden Age dissolved into the Silver Age. As the generations of wolves passed by, several unusual things began to happen.

A descendant of the first Fman decided he wanted a different life than the ones his ancestors led. He was still much like Fman, and wanted to form a violent group of wolves. He called his new group the Clanners.

During the Silver age, the phantoms came to Jamaa. They didn’t really do anything throughout the Silver age. The phantoms had a confusing past. Some said they were the bane of all existence, created by some evil unknown being. Others said they were the tears of Mira. It is unknown how the phantoms came to be, but nobody really liked them. But not all the phantoms were evil. Every so often, a good phantom would appear among them. But good phantoms were very rare.

Zios had disappeared, as well as Mira. None were certain about what happened to them, they only knew that their disappearance led to more suffering in Jamaa.

The Iron Age soon came. Deep in Sarepia Forest, a dark evil began to take over. Animals who dwelled there were often led to evilness, and began forming insane groups led by mad leaders. Some animals began avoiding Sarepia Forest just because of the danger that lurked there. Some said that if a wolf set foot in Sarepia Forest, he was bound to get clawed, bitten, kicked, captured, or even killed.

It was then that the alphas came to Jamaa. Liza the panda, Cosmo the koala, Graham the monkey, Peck the rabbit, Sir Gilbert the tiger, and Greely the wolf. As hard as they tried, the lands couldn’t be redeemed.

Lands like Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest, and Coral Canyons began to get crowded. Mt. Shiveer, Kimbara, and Appondale were usually abandoned.

The end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age were the worst times in Jamaa. This, though, is when the story really starts.

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