It was a rainy day outside, and I was bored. There was this game I would always go on called “Animal Jam.” You could trade for rare items, get cool new animals and dens, stuff like that, your average kids’ game. Except it wasn't. I had logged on and arrived in Jamaa Township, it was cheery and bustling as it normally was during the day, and I saw what I always saw; A few people saying they got scammed, a pink fox asking for boys to come her den, and more people living their day-to-day virtual lives. There was nothing too interesting to see there, so I clicked on my “Parties.” button. My favorite party was going on, the “Wolves Only Party!” I eagerly pressed the button that allowed me to go there, as I wanted to show off my rares a bit. There were some roleplayers, some girls singing on the stage, and a few people hanging out by the lava, those were the people I liked to chat with there. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a wolf with and odd color scheme. I looked closer. The normal black option, and red, a bright, almost neon red. The pattern they were using was the splotches pattern, which as an avid roleplayer, recognized it as the symbolism for blood. The red it was colored wasn't even an option on the player card screen, so I was immediately creeped out, but I was also curious. “How did you get that red color?” I asked the wolf. It didn't even have a nametag. “Would you like me to show you?” The thought-bubble above it said. Most of the people that were in the party before had left, including the people I was chatting with by the lava, so I replied with “Sure.” Everyone else except the wolf and I left instantaneously. I got a buddy request, but it accepted itself. “I didn't even click the ‘yes’ button!” I thought, feeling a little frightened, but I remembered that it's just a kids’ game, it's probably just a glitch. The wolf then motioned me towards the lava, and I followed. Then the wolf grabbed my avatar by the neck very suddenly, and began to dip her tail in the lava. “What the hell?” I thought, looking perplexed at my computer. I heard whimpering sounds come through my headphones, they were so sad and painful sounding that I was just about to start crying. I typed frantically, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” I entered into the chat. “You wanted to see why my colors were so ‘special,’ right? Well now you get a front row seat to my methods.” It said wickedly, it's eye twitching. The wolf dropped my Arctic Wolf character on the burning, hot ground, but instead of her turning red like she usually should, her fur started to burn off of her body, her tail was already thin and hairless. I heard the animal’s helpless sounds through my headphones again, and I wanted to just log off, but the morbid scene was capturing my attention like a pendulum. I wanted to see what happened next. Soon, the wolf pulled a cleaver out of the lava, from absolutely nowhere, and started cutting pieces off of my character. She tried to avoid it’s sharp edge, but to no avail, she was being slaughtered piece by piece. I heard yelps, and I saw that crimson liquid spilling from her remaining body parts. The wolf started eating the body parts it had cut off. I stared at my screen in shock and fright. The wolf, finally cutting off her head, rolled around in the remaining blood spilled on the ground, and then feasted upon my avatar’s body, letting me watch helplessly. Then my computer shut off all by itself.


After that incident, I was still brave enough to play the so-called “kids’ game” Animal Jam. I logged on. Everything was normal. My Arctic Wolf was still there. But one thing was for sure. I was never going back to the Wolves Only Party ever again.

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