Ever heard something that AJHQ abandoned something here is it! This story was release/tell by person named "Zatara". Zatara post on her facebook and she told it and some few of her friends told this to other people. The Zatars wrote "I was working on AJHQ I am the Jammers's feedback manager every jammer's feedback was about the AJ's sumer event. One jammer feedback was very werid. It was from "Crytals125" said "Dear AJHQ I am too afraid to enter "Wonder Summer" event I heard something terrible about it please check thank you." I suggest to told boss to check the event for 4 hours then I will report him. It was night now almost of AJHQ workers is back to their home. Ony few workers is still working including me. I sat in the office and turn on my laptop then logged to my account to test the event. The event name was "Wondeful summer fun island" them my friend on line contact me "My son just has sezuire yesterday" then I contact back "So?" "Please, This is important thing I have to tell you" friend contacted "Okay just tell me it." Me contacted "He saw a eyeless male arctic wolf popped up to his computer screen while play Aj and he was play an aj event" friend contacted then I close LINE and continute working.. COOMING SOON TOMORROW!

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