diary entry:??? ahdgfbgjdb dhiudhksad dhakusdhwskudsh dkjdksjhdskis i hdjdcbgjdsgybas am djhckdsuhxdwsu going jkjdhkhanskdshcjd insane !!11111!!!!11111!!!111!!!!1

diary entry: 1

Welcome to venus... im on board the jamma im co-pilot; small quietpaw, im a 30 year old bunny, and i hope this mission, Mission Venus Paws the earths sister. umm... yeah i hope all goes well, if i don't make it i love you fanua quietpaw.. and my unborn son major quietpaw signing out Small.

diary entry: 2

A quarter of the base done. so far so good i hope that this stays like it. and its been a few days since i've heard from pasa... and yeah..... UGH why can't epic, turn of her flipping disco music. hehe i'm just gonna make some emojis hehe . . * * x x alright i'm done signing out for now!

w X _

diary entry: 3

We have some good news and some bad news, the good news my son, Major Quietpaw was born healthy. yes i'm a father now! C: the bad news.... a storm is coming we have to abort the mission within a month... if the storm dies down before the 25th we continue, if it doesn't we have to abort.

25 days later....

diary entry: 25

the storm hasn't died down.... i've packed my stuff and finally after 20 days she turn the disco music off. now i have to pack my computer... bye for now and also did i menton the base is 3 quaters done.

*closes computer and packs in bag*

*day 26 "alright if we make it we make it its DO OR DIE out there stay close" epic yells "alright* everyone repiles as they enter into the darkness of the planet venus everyone carrying their bag the string one by while they try and get to rocket safely the one at the back.... quiet.... his rope... snaps.... "AUUUUUUUUUUUUUAGH" he screamed in confusion and fear "QUIET!"

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