It was a normal afternoon, i went to drink some water and immediately went on Animal Jam. When i entered the game the Daily Spin greeted me. I spinned the wheel: It landed on the gift icon, "I wonder what i'll get!" I whispered to myself. Then an item popped up, it was not what i expected it to be: It was a party hat made out of animal skin. Curious about the item being glitched, i accepted the gift and put it on my trade. I went to the most entered server Aldan and before i typed "Party hat on trade!" alot of trades popped up for the party hat. I cannot remember most but one was a magenta furry, a black long and a glitched ring, i declined; Being idiotic as always i wanted to know what this item was worth. I teleported to Kimbara Outback, to my suprise it was packed with people. I asked "What's my item on trade worth?" Everyone said beta items etc. Then i hosted an adventure, EVERYONE joined it. I started the adventure i selected: The Return Of The Phantoms, without knowing what would greet me i clicked "Play". I was not teleported to the adventure i picked, instead, there were corpses of many animals and unreleased animals for example: a cougar, snow lion and many more. I tried to exit the adventure but the 'X' button was greyed out. So all of us had to continue the "Adventure". There was a cave infront of us, we went into it and what we saw was plain TERRIFYING. There were animals hung up by ropes and of course their health declined really quickly. We also saw more corpses of animals, but a small amount of them were barely alive: They were whining for help. I felt so guilty leaving the Jammers behind but i had to continue the adventure with the people. Then we saw a black shadow covering the "end" of the cave i think?, we went in there. It was pitch-black and we couldn't escape no matter what we tried. Then all of a sudden, the party hat that i got from the Daily Spin appeared on my arctic wolf. After that, a force was pushing us underground. It felt like we were entering Hell. And we did, There were alot of corpses everywhere. Then Mira came, she grabbed most of us with her beak and ate us one by one. Our health declined shortly after we went down her neck. She was wearing the party hat i had, it was now blood-stained. The last words she said were: "You were forbidden at the blood stained corpses party." and then the words BANNED in red appeared. And i decided never to go onto AJ again.

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