Empress Cutebunny was a little non-member bunny. One day she went to Coral Canyons and decided to hop on the bridge and try to break it. On the bridge were hopping many wolves and arctic wolves. They were shouting "GET A WOLF OR GET OUT!"

The other non-wolves, a seal, a tiger and a penguin walked away, but Empress stayed. A white wolf named Lucky Smartyclaws said "HEY, BUNNY, GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU AREN'T A WOLF OR I WILL REPORT YOU!" Empress didn't want to be reported so she sadly walked away. An ice blue wolf with black face and black moon pattern named Snowflake Frozenmoon said: "STOP BULLYING THE OTHER ANIMALS. THEY CAN JUMP IF THEY WANT TO!" but Empress left.

Empress sadly walked through Jamaa Township, when she saw a new path she never seen before. She walked through the path, curious where it would lead her. It stopped in front of a grassy meadow, full of carrots. Empress was very happy. She played in the new land, and fully forgot about Snowflake and the other wolves.

One day, while she was again in the meadow, a phantom came out of nowhere. It grabbed Empress' paw and swallowed her. She immediately turned into a phantom, but deep inside, she was still the nice, cute Empress.

"Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!" the phantom laughed. "Now nothing stops me to destroy Jamaa!"

And the bunny first went to Coral Canyons. She returned to the bridge, the wolves were still there. Before she could do anything, the bridge broke and all the wolves fell down.

"NOOOOO!" Empress' bunny version cried and jumped in.

The wolves fell in an underground canyon. Some were smashed under the bridge, but the others were alive. Lucky pointed to a tunnel nearby.

"Look! Maybe its a way to escape," he and a few other wolves, along with Snowflake went in. It was dark inside and suddenly they heard a crackling noise.

"What was that?" a wolf asked.

And suddenly they saw that some of the wolves had disappeared. When the others looked up, they saw their corpses hanging from the ceiling. They quickly ran forward, but a shadow stopped their way to escape. They looked at her name tag and gasped. This was Empress, but in phantom form! She smiled with bloody teeth and killed all the wolves except for Snowflake. Empress then grabbed her and flew up, away of the canyon.

"Don't tell anyone what happened down there." she hissed in Snowflake's ear.

The two then landed back in the Coral Canyons. Empress was a hero and she said she could only save Snowflake.

A few years later, Snowflake told her friends the whole truth. But Empress returned and killed them all.

"I thought you were my friend, but now I see you weren't." Empress sadly said and walked away.