The bunny at the window

By SweetietheCat.

"Ryanwolf210 accepted! Run!" Was the usual cry of horror when a scammer hits. Flash, trust or even gifting, every animal has been Scammed once. But SweetietheCat was hit in a different way. If you are interested, Read on. "Hey SweetietheCat, Can I be deputy? Hey SweetietheCat, trade me a spike! Hey SweetietheCat, Love your outfit!" Sweetie was sick of it. Being a youtuber actually has a downside. Sweetie sighed. "If only there was a way to delete all the famous people who want to chat and be in my videos, and be buddies, and stuff." So far, Libertyy, Wootmoo and Julian2 had been driving her crazy. She went to Jamaa township in hope of getting a thing or two. "Plz give me stuff! If you are generous, go to my den!" Said a bunny with a strange mask in the shape of a window. In hope of clearing her inventory a bit, she went over, and the jammer followed her. The bunnies den was full of windows, and they all had a bunny looking in at them with the same black pattern as the bunny at the window "Ok, I will choose something" Sweetie didn't care, she had 2 many of everything anyway. Something leapt at her from behind her computer. She woke up in a cell. 'What happened, how did I get here' went through her head, but she forgot them. Although one question stuck in her mind.'Where am I?'

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