Today was a regular Animal Jam day. Except for when I got on, I went on a weird server called Death.

First i saw Greely. When I got near him I saw a pop up of him eating a leg. I almost barfed.

I Was Shocked, Who would put this in a game for kids?! This was the stuff you would see in a horror animation!

Then a pop up appeared that said,"You will stay..."

I then saw Mira with blood all over herself. I screamed so long, I nearly ran out of breath. I closed the laptop and ran away.

The next day when I went on Animal Jam I was on a server called Hell. I was seeing red Jammers that look like blood zombies. One of them tried to trade with me and the thing he gave me was a hat with Liza's head sewed onto it.

I then said,"What happened to Liza?!" then my screen said,"DIE!!" It then turned back to normal.

Then my Jammer screamed and fell to the ground. Blood was everywhere. One of the strange creatures walked up to me and said,

"It's the curse of Mira...."

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