Never go to X's den, you will see its always locked but there is a time when the cursed den of X is shown to the ones who wish to experience extreme horror .

On a crimson moon or, when there is no moon in the sky is when X's den is open to the people ready to experience the fright of their life in a small kids game made with pixels. Animaljam has banned X, if you see but as I said, on a crimson/eclipse moon X will be seen on animaljam, Thats when you can say " I've seen a true Hybrid "

  1. It must be a crimson/blood/scarlet or Eclipse moon
  2. You Must be alone, anyone in the house, the ritual wont work.
  3. Encountering X must be at the strike of midnight only any other time like 8:00 wont work.
  4. You must have all the lights off in your home, When all these conditions are met you will be granted access.
  5. if you approach the den there is no talking at all, unless you want to be dragged in for eternity
  6. If you hear whispering abort the game and leave immediately
  7. There will be gory pictures of animals with no eyes, their face twisted in a tremendous horror.
  8. You will see black wolves with realistic blood splotches and lacerations, no contact with them is allowed.
  9. Entering the den you will see a shrine with a realistic animal head. press the shrine
  10. If you hear any whispering, Abort the game and leave immediately
  11. A sign with will come up with the words, This den will take you to a new level of horror, a horror where you must use all 5 senses, be careful not to press anything by accident, you will be faced with a real experience of absolute horror. Are you ready?
  12. Press yes if you want to experience this experience, but there is no turning back, you have sealed your fate.
  13. Press no and if your lucky enough you get to view the gallery of gory animals.
  14. or If no you get transported out of X's den and into the outskirts of Jamaa, Animaljam has banished you
  15. No contact with the Sandcats are allowed, unless you want to get ripped limb to limb (( Techsaurs sandcats ))
  16. If you said yes, you will see X on the shrine, he will slowly grin and say " Your the last head I need "
  17. No shut down materiel will work, you are trapped for now.
  18. Your screen will turn black and flicker as you see a silhouette enter your home
  19. It will walk towards your computer or where you are, trudging slowly
  20. Finally the figure is behind you, you will feel a presence and see X behind you,
  21. Before he Murders you and takes a photo of your face Congratulations, you have successfully competed the ritual and as a reward that photo X took will forever be in the dens gallery, just like all the other photos of jammers who where stupid or curious enough to press the accept button, if you are a thrill seeker then you will love the last few moments of your life.

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