1. Lucky was counting his money in his den. He was rich. His friend Chief entered his den. Lucky: You were supposed to be here two hours ago! Chief: It's not my fault! My friend told me there was a dead fox in Coral Canyons! Lucky was shocked. Lucky: What color is it? Chief: It's black with a white underbelly. Lucky: Is it a boy or a girl? Chief: Tomboy. Lucky: Stay here, I'll go see her. Chief: Bye! As Lucky was about to leave, he saw a note in front of him that said, Rescue me or you'll die like me. To: Lucky. From: Dead. Lucky: How can a fox be named Dead? Then, there was a black screen and back to the intro when you're new. The beta one. Lucky: Oh, come on! Liza: Click the mouse to move close to me. Lucky got his mouse ready, but his arctic wolf did't move. Then, the curser thrashed all around the screen and Lucky did not move it. Then, there was static. Lucky: Is this some sort of joke?! Then an image appeared on the screen. It was a lying fox. Lucky: That must be the dead fox. Then, the fox opened her eyes. They were black! Lucky: This is freaking creepy! Then, the image faded away. It teleported him to Coral Canyons and the dead fox was lying on the bridge and chunks of rock fell down the bridge. Lucky: This has to be a glitch. Then the fox woke up. Dead: I was possesed by a black wolf and my name, Blossom turned into Dead, I decided to be a killer and kill everybody, I'm sorry, but you have to die. Lucky screamed. Dead got a knife and cut open Lucky's tummy. Blood poured everywhere. Lucky turned off his computer. Everyday, when Lucky woke up, he would have cuts and bite marks on his legs and feet and head and back and nose. 2.

One day in Crystal Sands, the dead fox would always be in the water, dead. Well, Sparkle was at Crystal Sands almost every morning. She saw the dead fox and stared at her a long time. Sparkle: What the hack is a dead fox doing here in the water? Sparkle's friend, Blooming waddled to the water. Blooming: Remember Lucky? Sparkle: Who's Lucky? Blooming: He's an arctic wolf that got killed by this dead fox. Sparkle: Oh my god, that's horrible. Blooming: IKR? Sparkle: Right! Blooming: Well, I have to see a friend, bye! Sparkle: Bye Blooming! Sparkle saw the dead fox move a little. Sparkle gasped. The dead fox for up. Dead: Hello, my name is Dead and I will kill you. Sparkle: Ahhh! Sparkle logged of Animal Jam and got to bed. Sparkle had a nightmare of Dead sinking a knife into her skin. Sparkle jumped out of bed to tell Mom. Sparkle: Mommy, I can't go to bed, Mommy! 3. Handsome got on Animal Jam and when he got on the home page, Play Now was replaced with Die Now. Handsome clicked Die Now and a series of FNAF jumpscae got on the screen. Handsome: What the heck! A fox got on the screen and it was lying down. Handsome: Is that the dead fox? It took Handsome to a dark room. Handsome felt a stabbing pain in his tail like it was ripping off. And it did. Blood gushed out of his tail. Dead: Handsome will pay for this. There was a loud BANG and Handsome fell to the ground. Handsome woke up, but he was not Handsome anymore....... he was turds!

PS. This is my first creepypasta so don't laugh.

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