One night after dinner ,I was looking for a new item in a game, that game, was Animal Jam. So, I traded with some people and then, I finally found a cool item. The person that had it was freaking out saying I shouldn't trade anything for it. I should've listened to him. I tried trading a legendary glove for it, but he didn't accept. he just gave me it and said three words.

"Please... Help.... Me..."

Then, a cutscene happened where it showed his wolves eyes roll back in it's head blood shoot out of the back of it's head and then it said in a very evil voice almost the most evil voice I've ever heard.


I was scared, so, I covered my computer smashed it with a monkey wrench lying around then burning the broken computer. Fastforward 10 days earlier from today, July 11, 2015.

Entry #1 Dragon's Log

He's been haunting me. I've been having terrifying nightmares and hearing whispers. I've near lost it, and he won't stop haunting me. I've tried everything, but it won't stop. Just today everybody around me froze and started speaking gibberish. Then, once they were done, they had no memories of even doing that.

Entry #2 Dragon's Log

I think I'm going crazy. Everybody around me daily... They're getting weirder and more agressive. Just yesterday a random kid just walked up to me and punched me, since I try not to hurt anyone, I just left him be and continued talking to my friends, but soon they started acting weird too. Scratching things on their arms, and speaking gibberish all over again. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, or people are really doing this. It feels like a dream, but I can't wake up, like I can't escape this living nightmare. Maybe I should give up, even though I feel like the worlds upside down, I'll keep being here. I just hope I don't die first.......

Entry #3 Dragon's Log

Ok, THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE. I've been cutting myself lately. I should stop but I want this to end! The nightmares get worse everyday, the gibberish is making me angry, and everybody seems to be more agressive. This has to end, it wasn't worth it for that item, it was a thing that looked like a frog with glasses. I wanted it just because it was rare. Anyone reading this beware the frog, It will make you do what I've already done by now. Goodbye world.........

_____News report_______

A 14 year old boy was found with various cuts on his throat, legs and arms. It seems he had suicided. Police are checking the scene right now to look for why this kid did what he did.

R.I.P Dragon

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