Miss icyfox

Awesome Sunnybrave

Hio! Icy here. Listen , I'm making a story and I need some characters to use , there are 12 spots , however , only 10 are open. Why? One is for my character , awesome sunnybrave ( not fman ) , the other I am saving for kosh to put the doctor , if he doesn't want the doctor in I will open this spot again. Anyways , to the roles

Edit : only two people put their animals so , ill put my own animals.

Leader : awesome sunnybrave animal : wolf

The brave one: snowflake snowyleapard animal : snow leopard

The sassy one: mighty muddyhiker animal : racoon

The timid one: awesome cleverclaw ( a.k.a Ari ) animal: owl

The jokester: awesome frozen dog animal : deer

The battle and magic strategist : The doctor ( welcome kosh ) animal : wolf


The darkness

And that's the roles

Anyways , again , the story will be about a forest filled with dangers. A young and clever wolf ( me ) gathers a group to try and clear the forest and make it safe. 

So , sign up in the comments below :)

-roles left : 0

Chapter 1: Awesome's thought

Awesome sunnybrave sat near a forest next to her hollow den , although it was really just a hole in the ground. She sighed " I'm going to go into that forest and make it safe "  she started pacing back and forth. " I got it! " she nearly screeched. She ran into her den so fast that her freedom fox hat fell off. She went to the bottom level and jumped on her heart couch right under her artist plague. She was proud of her life, she had all that she wanted. She felt her head and sighed " meganinja " she looked over at her moon lion pet , who was sitting on his cloud " can you get my fox hat? " The lion nodded and flew off. He grabbed the hat and ran back.  " I need to make a team" awesome said.

Chapter 2 : The team

"Well come" Awesome smiled. "Why are we here ? " asked an owl. " And why do you need an ex- phantom war fighter?" asked a black wolf. "well" said Awesome " there is a forest outside this den.I want to fix it.". the black wolf smirked " ahhh , the battle field" his expression changed to a bright smile " where i met ruby " he then gave a frown " Ruby....". Awesome turned to the wolf " im sorry about her Mr. Fieryninja " the black wolf quickly spoke back " just call me doctor ". Awesome turned back to the group " okay , note that everyone , the black wolf is Doctor. Mrs. owl" the little owl shyly looked over " your name?". The owl drew back a small bit "i-im Awesome cleverclaw , b-but just call me Ari to a-avoid confusion" she quietly chirped. A snow leopard perked up " Im snowflake snowyleopard !" a racoon jumped " Mighty Muddyhiker ! " she laughed. A deer spoke adjusting her spike " Awesome frozendog " she paused " call me frozen ". Awesome sunnybrave smiled , her yellow pelt glimmering with sunlight, her white under belly sparkling , and her blue splotches dancing like the ocean. " We got our selves a team "

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