Ever heard of the secret servers? Here it is. There are 4 ghost servers. They are named: China, Japan, Russia, and America. I am going to talk about the "Japan" server, first there's a way to join there. You have to sleep in the water at Mt. Shiveer for 10 minutes, then you will be teleported to the server. The place you land in will not be Jamaa Township, it will be called the "The Hot Pool". You will see a lot of people chilling in the pool, but did you know they are ghosts? To escape the place you must: 1. Don't get close to them 2.If their eyes turn black, it means they are going to attack you 3. If they all turn into skeletons, run as fast to the door as you can. Then you have escaped, but you will not escape the server. Now you will be landed to "The House". You will see a fox sitting on a mat. Don't get close to her, as she is a long necked ghost. To escape 1. Don't get close to her 2. If her neck is long, it means she trying to attack you 3. If her neck is chained, you go to the door that you open. But you still not escape the server. You willl be landed to "The Hotel". You will see a woman walk to you. She will talk and you should answer her until she walks away. Now get to your room (Any room and sleep for 1 minute, then you will hear the door knock. Go outside and it willl be the woman that you talked to. The woman is the ghost, so she will chase you. You must run to the ladder. Now you have escaped the server.

Chapter 2: China Server

To enter China Server, you can't find the way to enter it. You will pop up here randomly.

Now if you enter the China Server, you will be landed to "The Ghost Market". The people around you are the ghosts. Don't scream, they will know you are human. You must find the way to another market and you will see a man say "Do you want to try this ghost vision lollipop?" You must accept it and he will kill you. There will be four per stick. You have to eat them, but only three. Don't eat the last one, for if you eat it you will turn into a ghost. You have to throw it away and make sure the man is gone. Then you will be teleported to "Clothing Store". You must open "Change Your Look" and click "Shop". You will see a traditional women's Chinese cotume. Buy it and you will be teleport to your den. The ghost will run towards you and scream "GIVE BACK MY DRESS". If you have memebership, send it to the ghost. If you're nonmember, you must shout, "I WILL GIVE YOU BACK YOUR DRESS!" three times and the chat will disappear. "Be you." Say at the next chat. Then you have escaped the server.

Chapter 3: Russia Server

Russia Server will pop up randomly like the China one. If you entered the sever you will be teleported to "The Giftshop". You have to buy the nesting doll, (I can't remeber the actual name though) then go to your den and place it. Then don't leave your den until two minutes is up. You will hear a voice call out, "Help me." which sounds like a whisper. When it's been two minutes, the voice will stop. Leave your den afterwards. You still haven't escaped the server. Instead, you will land at "Bus Station" The bus will come and fetch you and you must get in the bus. Two kids will sit behind your seat and they will say "Don't look back if you're in the bus." Look back and they turn into ghosts. Get off the bus as fast as you can, then you havenot escaped the server.Next in the Portal go to the portal run as you can because if they chase you will never aj forever if you play you it your come computer will say die now to portal you will see a girl and she will say want coffee and if say no you will be banned forever and you say yes RUN AS YOU CAN UNTIL you go in the door and you esape

Chapter 4: America and Philippines Server

To enter the America Server, you must go to Lost Temple of Zios and sleep for 10 minutes (Not near Zios). Then you will be teleported to "The Farm". You will see a horse eating corn and shout "GO GET MORE CORN! WHY ARE YOU STAYING?!". You must get outside. You will see something in the middle. Destroy it by clicking it, then you have escaped, but you will not escape the server. Then you will land at "Night Beach". You will see a white arctic wolf with a pink lei. Dance by the beach, get close to her and she will ask "Am I beautiful?". If you say yes, the arctic wolf will do the fang emote. You should run away fast as you can. If you say no, she will drown you. Normally she does nothing to you.

Caution: Remember this is creepypasta, it's supposed to be fake. I will not respond to anything if you have nightmares or are afraid to sleep, have a heart attack or seizures. Keep calm and cuddle on!

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