My parachute set fire, burning with me still on it. Phantoms below my feet, embers flying everywhere, setting Sarepia forest alight in the distance. Jammers alert, panicing and running around like wild geese. Mira layed still, not moving a muscle.

Chapter 1

It was a regular saturday afternoon for me. I heard recently a new adventure came out, so I went on Animal jam to go see what it was. A large, purple hearding on the Jamma Journal read out, "The Great Escape". I was quite intrested, so I went to Adventure base camp. I gathered some jammers, hosted the adventure, and started.

Chapter 2

It was raining sludge. Major, a bunny that joined are adventure, left as he was having dinner. Cosmo told us to play, dance and hop to get the phantoms attention. "Why do we need to? We could get KILLED!" Duchess the lion blurted out. We did the actions then the screen flashed red slowly. "Why is this in a kids game?" Dancing the snow leopard asked herself out loud. To my relief, the 2 noobs left the adventure. But there was one problem; I was alone. I unlocked the monkey's cages with difficulty as the Phantom watchers kept on zapping me. One of the monkeys said on the way to the Mira Emblem, "I heard there are 7 stages in this adventure!"

Chapter 3

I went up the first 5 stages easily, thinking there are only 2 more levels left. To my supprise, the 6th level was not as normal and easy like the others. There were about 20 Phantom Wathcers, 10 Phantom pipes, and when I got up, the music went backwards and had a higher pitch then last time. I disabled the sound, so I could do these last 2 levels. I tried and tried until an image showed up on my screen. It was written out what looked like blood, and read out aloud, "Once again if you fail this level, you will watch Jamma and yourself perish in flames.". I moved my chair back, slowly blinking of what it read out even though my volume was off. I luckilly got past all of the Phantom watchers, but didn't see a dozen phantoms were following me. My animal went into a deep sleep, but it turned into a cut scene instead of showing the regular message, "You have been put in a deep sleep."

Chapter 4

The phantoms gathered me. One said, "Should we kill her?" Antother said, "No. We shall destroy Jamma for not completing the most important level, 6.". "No, this can't be true! You cannot destroy Jamma! Mira is the leader, and she can kill all you phantoms if she wants to!" My arctic wolf Infinity spat back. The phantoms ignored her, dragged her to the balcony of the tower, and closing the gates that led back to the tower so she couldn't escape. The cut scene ended, and I had control over my animal again. I looked over the balcony, to see blood and animal corpses hanging from buildings, flames spread over dens burning the jammers alive.

Chapter 5

I moved my mouse over to the gate and clickedd it. Nothing happened. (not done yet :P)

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