It was a cold rainy night i had been playing Animal Jam that day which i will never play for each other second of my life. I was alone in my den wondering what to buy from the shop, everything i had and other things i didn't need. So i went to Mt. Shiveer with my cute pink fox i saw that everything was bloody and bones and body parts were on the floor. I jumped almost falling out of my seat but continued to look around. "Hello?", My animal said but as i typed the word a shadow came out of a pile of snow. "Hi.", I typed in fear i could get a virus. I backed my animal about two tail lengths father from the shadow. He insisted that i come to "Play" with him. I tried to exit the game and leave Mt. Shiveer but all it would do was say "LOADING" in big bold letters. When it finally said "please wait" he typed "Don't leave me" Then he started talking about private things i never told anyone, i was horrified. It logged me out of the game i shut down my laptop and went to sleep.The next day i woke up scared and relived. I decieded to put things in my own hands. I searched his username online and ton of pictures came up but also answers. The first one i read i was sure wasn't true it said "Dead" But as read the other ones it was true. I read the newspaper article the stories and the reason was he  died was of depression people exited the game but before calling him names and things to offend him. And sooner or later he commited suicide. I was horrified at what i saw i just couldn't belive it. I told my friends and they thought i was insane. So now the only thing i can do is tell the person reading this story before i go.The last thing i have to say is don't go near a pile of snow ever again.                           

Btw not true ;D

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