No one knows what the horror really is. All I can say is The horror is shapes.. oozing, Meandering shapes.

I recall my first meeting with " The horror " was when I first moved into my Stepmoms home. Baroness, was her name, and her daughter, Flora. I ( Duke ) was very shifty when we moved into the large sky kingdom. The house, was far from modern. Chalky pictures of the previous castle owners and a knight in shining armor. I felt like I was being watched in the immense library filled with untouched books that were dusty, rotting, and nearly eaten by silverfish. It was all, aged, at least there were no chamber pots. There was nothing much to do, except read the decomposing books, unpack with dad, or play in the phthalo/Col Poly green pine trees that fenced the crumbling castle. Its not like we had a T.V or a Ipaw inside our luggage. I prayed dinner would come soon. Flora hardly talked,. Being a Middle aged arctic and her, A middle aged wolf, she was too shy to talk and spent her time in the dark woods, every now and then looking at me with those bright harlequin eyes that shone like twin emeralds. Her green eyes fit with her sepia pelt. I started to like Flora, but being a snowy white arctic wolf with average Sky blue eyes, she must have not liked me back. But I was insane to like her, we were becoming step sisters and brothers. I padded over to Flora, who sat in the rose garden silently watching the bunnies hop in the overcast pine forest. My paw pads mutely padded in the grass as I muttered " Salutations." She turned to me and quietly Murmured what I recalled " Hi Duke " As she turned back and watched the white bunnies. It then began to snow and we trudged back to the castle without a word. I change my mind, I dread dinner. Boiled Bull entrails and tea,. I slowly swallowed the disgusting food and ran to my room. My dad later came in and told me how rude that was, so I replied " I refuse to eat entrails " He sighed and said " Duke, you'll fit in sooner or later " and walked out flicking the switch. I stayed in my bed awake, watching the Evening star twinkle next to all the alike stars and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up at 2am because I felt someone was watching me, there stare burning into my skin like fire, when I noticed it. The two sparkling eyes staring at me, The dark hunched figure was beneath my bed, and my zycomatic was stinging with pain as I pretended to sleep. The dark figure, I cant explain, he was a wolf, then a phantom as he scribbled something on my wall. I woke up at 7:30. On my wall read the scratched " I know your awake " I trudged to change and inspected myself in the large mirror when I noticed it. There was a deep laceration on my cheek with crimson vital fluid seeping out. I had scratches on my Sternum, torso and pelvis. Worst of all my neck laceration was so broad it looked like, the " thing " clearly tried to dig out my Jugular and make me choke in my own Vital fluid. I didn't know what to do, I screamed for anyone and violently thrashed on the floor as if I was a mental patient. Everyone came running to the bathroom as I shook there in a puddle of my own blood. I was sent to the hospital and we never went back to that sky kingdom den again. Later when I made a full recovery my friend said " Your former stepmom and Flora moved out, and got sent to a mental home called " Paws for help " They though their house was haunted that's why" He laughed and I tried to laugh with him, But I couldn't even muster a smile.

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